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Abraham Lincoln loved cats. He was a renowned Animal lover but cats held a special place. Mary Todd Lincoln was once asked if her husband had any hobbies, she replied "Cats."

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The (Abraham) Lincoln family line has been extinct since December 24, 1985, when its last undisputed descendant, Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, died without any children.

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  1. Mary Todd Lincoln, upon becoming First Lady, found the White House heavily dilapidated. She proceeded to redecorate the building, purchase multiple custom fine china sets, and accrue a bill that outraged the President.

  2. When Abraham Lincoln's brother-in-law Confederate General Benjamin Helm was killed in battle in 1863, Lincoln and his wife went into private mourning at the White House to avoid criticism. The widowed Emilie Todd Helm was granted safe passage to the White House.

  3. After moving to Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln and his best friend Jonathan Speed shared a bed for four years. Later, during the Civil War, Lincoln shared a bed with his bodyguard David Derickson any time Mary Todd Lincoln was absent from the White House.

  4. Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd's wedding in 1841 was called off when Lincoln got cold feet. They did, however, get married the next year. While preparing for the ceremony and feeling anxiety again, Lincoln, when asked where he was going, replied, "To hell, I suppose."

  5. Robert Todd Lincoln was present, or near, 3 different presidential assassinations which prompted him to refuse a later presidential invitation with the comment "No, I'm not going, and they'd better not ask me, because there is a certain fatality about presidential functions when I am present."

  6. Robert Todd Lincoln was in the vicinity of his father's, Garfield's, and McKinley's assassinations. When he was invited to another Presidential function, he declined saying, "there is a certain fatality about presidential functions when I am present."

  7. Lincoln Sea was named after former U.S. Secretary of War Robert Todd Lincoln, by Adolphus Greely on expedition to the sea between 1881-1884.

  8. Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's wife, was a volunteer nurse and worked during the Civil War in the Union hospitals.

  9. Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes Booth, saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln, when he fell onto train tracks at a train station

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In 1840 Abraham Lincoln proposed to Mary Todd. Her family was rich, and they were slave owners.

Abraham Lincoln could've been part of the Donner Party. Lincoln was James F. Reed's lawyer, who organized the trip. Lincoln showed interest in going but couldn't because his wife was pregnant. However, Mary Todd Lincoln waved the Donner Party goodbye in Illinois. - source

Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, was in James A. Garfield's administration on the day he was shot, he stood over the bleeding President and said "How many hours of sorrow I have passed in this town" - source

Robert Todd Lincoln (the son of Abraham Lincoln) got stuck in the gap between a train and the platform and was saved by Edwin Booth (the brother of John Wilkes Booth). - source

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Stephen Douglas briefly courted Mary Todd, who went on to marry Stevens political rival, Abraham Lincoln.

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Edwin Booth once saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln.

If Mary Todd Lincoln were alive today she would have probably been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

Edwin Booth was standing on a train platform when he noticed a man had fallen on to the tracks. He pulled the man back to safety. This man was Todd Lincoln, the son of President Lincoln who Edwin's brother, John Wilkes Booth, would assasinate less then a year later

When the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1922, Lincoln's only surviving son, 78-year-old Robert Todd Lincoln, was in attendance. The statue of Lincoln sits at 19 feet tall and if he were to stand up, he'd be 28 feet tall.

Parts of Abraham Lincoln's 1861 State of the Union message were leaked to the press before he delivered it—which was considered scandalous in those days. Congress investigated the leak, but dropped the investigation when it became evident that the source was Mary Todd Lincoln.

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About "human wormholes," people like Chief Medicine Crow or Robert Todd Lincoln, whose lives bridge distant historical periods between two very different eras in history.

Bostonian William H. Mumler was the first prominent "Spirit Photographer" who claimed to photograph dead spirit portraits. His most famous image was Mary Todd Lincoln with the ghost of her husband.

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