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About Patrick the Wombat. He was the world’s oldest wombat at 32 years, and died a virgin. He had a Tinder profile and rode around in a wheelbarrow.

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A 20 year old woman on Tinder successfully scammed many men with her profile that said “Send me $5, see what happens.”

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  1. A man shaved his beard on Tinder to see how his results would change. The beard profile received more matches (64 out of 94) and generally received twice as many matches from white women as the non-beard profile. More Asian women preferred non beard

  2. The last known male Northern White Rhino in existence, Sudan, has a Tinder profile that hopes to save Sudan's species from extinction. He is one of the most protected animals on the planet, surrounded by armed guards 24/7. He lives with the only two female northern white rhinos, Najin & Fatu.

  3. Tinder has a secret rule book, and inadvertently breaking those rules (for example by swiping right on everyone) means the Tinder algorithm lowers your desirability score, which in turn means your profile gets shown to fewer people

  4. A man was left naked and robbed at motel after bad Tinder date. The man told police he didn’t know the woman’s last name. When he tried to show officers her Tinder profile, she had already deleted her account

  5. An exclusive app comparable to Tinder has a 75K waitlist only accepts the most "interesting and motivated" applicants based on LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

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tinder profile fact data chart about Watersports fetish profile on Tinder (13 months data - 32yo
Watersports fetish profile on Tinder (13 months data - 32yo male)

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