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A 2002 episode of "The Twilight Zone" addressed the novikov self-consistency principle of time travel: a woman, played by Katherine Heigl, goes back in time to kill baby Hitler. She succeeds, but his mother adopts a child and raises him as Adolf. He grows up to lead the Nazi Party.

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A German man celebrated his birthday for 46 hours by travelling through different time-zones

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  1. China has only one time zone – despite spanning 5 geographical ones

  2. Almost 50% of all Americans live in the Eastern Time Zone

  3. The military refers to every time zone using a letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet. Therefore, in Honolulu, it is always "Whiskey time".

  4. France used to be on the same time zone as Britain but during the German occupation the time zone was changed to Central European Time and remains unchanged.

  5. France is divided into holiday zones. Each zone's schools have vacations at the same time, to prevent the overcrowding that would occur at resorts if every school in the country were to close at once.

  6. Before time zones were invented, clocks in England sometimes had two minute hands: one for London and one for local time.

  7. Despite being the third largest country in the world, China only has one time zone, mostly based around the far Eastern portions (where most of the population lives). As a result, in Western regions such as Tibet, the sun officially rises at around 10:00 AM.

  8. The American village of Hyder, Alaska is unique in that it is only accessible by land from Canada, and uses Canadian public utility services, border security, emergency services, telephone area code, and time zone.

  9. Because China only has one time zone, there is a 3 1/2 hour time change when you cross the border between China and Afghanistan, the greatest time change on the planet.

  10. There is no December 30, 2011 in the history of the Pacific Ocean islands of Samoa and Tokelau as the day was skipped when these islands moved their time zone from the last time zone east of the international date line to the first west of the date line

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Since all the longitude lines meet in Antarctica, the South Pole has no specific time zone. Many stations use the time of the country they are owned by, and many areas have no time zone since nothing is decided and there are not even any temporary settlements with any clocks.

Despite spanning 5 time zones China only uses 1 timezone (China Standard Time) and stopped using daylight savings in 1991. - source

There is only one time zone for all of India. India does not observe any form of daylight saving time or any other seasonal adjustments to the time.

About Agent Zigzag, a British spy during WW2 who endeared himself to the Nazi's and became a double agent, working for both sides and at one point having two fiancées at the same time, each in opposite war zones. - source

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The People’s Republic of China abolished the five time zones system and established one single time zone in 1949.

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The Twilight Zone was, in part, inspired by a freak military accident during Rod Serling's time in the Army, in which his buddy was decapitated by a free-falling food crate.

Back in the 1990s, Indian government wanted to ban Windows 95 because the map on time zone selection screen showed India not controlling the Pakistan-occupied part of Kashmir. Microsoft "fixed" the problem by disabling the map altogether

Moon has its own time zone called Lunar Time Zone and President Richard Nixon was one of the few to have a moon watch.

In 2015, North Korea set its clocks back 30 minutes creating their own time zone, known as "Pyongyang time". The government made this decision as a break from 'imperialism'; the time zone change went into effect on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea from Japan.

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China is close in size to the Continental U.S. but has just one time zone. In some cities the sun can rise as late as 10:00am

Brazil is so large that there are three time zones in the country.

Quintana Roo is the only Mexican state in the Southeastern Standard Time Zone. Since it does not observe daylight saving time, it is in the same time zone as the Eastern Standard Time for half of the year and the Central Standard Time for the other half of the year.

The two most extreme (inhabited) time zones on earth are 25 hours apart. This means that when it's 11pm on Sunday in American Samoa, it's 12am on Tuesday in The Line Islands, Kiribati.

Nayarit is in the Mountain Standard time zone.

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About a group of 15 people who are living full-time deep inside Chernobyl's 30KM "exclusion zone". These people either refused to leave or went back to their homes after the 1986 disaster.

There's a tiny timezone in Australia that's 45 minutes off from the zones on either side. So when it's 4:20 in Eucla, it's 3:35 in Western Australia, and 5:05 in South Australia (6:05 during Daylight Saving Time). Only 200 people live in this time zone.

All of Queretaro is in the Central Standard Time Zone.

North Korea has its own time zone, being the only place that doesn't share the same minutes as everywhere else

Britain didn't have a fully standardised time zone until the 1880s. Bristol time, for instance, was about 10 minutes ahead of London time up until the 1850s.

The first time the Gulf of Mexico's dead zone was reported was in 1950. It wasn"t until 1970, when its size had grown considerably that it became the subject of scientific research.

At times, chalcocite may be found as a primary vein mineral in hydrothermal veins. Most chalcocite though occurs in the supergene enriched environment below the oxidization zone of copper deposits.

Pago Pago, American Samoa is located in a time zone 25 hours earlier than Apia, Samoa, despite being separated by only 78 miles

Dublin, Ireland once had their own time zone which was 25 minutes and 21 seconds behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Russia--a country that spans eleven time zones--abolished daylight savings last year

The billboards in Times Square are so so central to the area's identity that there's actually a zoning code that requires all buildings on that stretch of Broadway to have at least one illuminated sign of a certain size.

Samoa switched time zones in 2011, jumping across the International Date Line. This led to Friday, December 30th not existing for the country.

December 30, 2011 did not exist in Somoa. Samoa crossed over the International Date Line to better match the time zones of New Zealand, Australia and China, to improve business. Somoa went from Thursday December 29th directly to Saturday December 31st, skipping Friday December 30th completely.

The Nazis changed France's time zone to match Berlin's, and that the French never changed it back.

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