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The Sydney Opera House actually has terrible acoustics. Edo de Waart, the former chief conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, once threatened to boycott the building. There is a A$202 Million project to renovate and improve the acoustics.

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In 1981 American Airlines saved roughly $500,000 by removing the olives from salads. Soon afterward, an association of olive growers found out, and threatened to boycott the airline if olives were not restored. AA agreed, and stocked them onboard for passengers who requested them.

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  1. In 1995 a shirt that featured Margaret from Dennis the Menace saying "Someday a woman will be PRESIDENT!" was pulled from shelves when one Walmart shopper said it offended "family values." It was restocked 4 months later due to women's groups threatening to boycott Walmart.

  2. London's 2012 Olympic Logo, which was supposed to spell "2012", was interpreted by Iran as spelling "Zion". They threatened to boycott the games in 2011.

  3. When Hattie McDaniel wasn't allowed to attend the premiere of Gone With The Wind in Georgia, Clark Gable threatened to boycott as well; McDaniel convinced him to attend anyway.

  4. When Clark Gable found out that Hattie McDaniel couldn’t attend the premiere of ‘Gone With the Wind’ in Atlanta, he grew enraged and threatened to boycott the event. Gable only ended up going when McDaniel talked him into it before she went on to be the first African American to win an Oscar.

  5. Sharpton landed a gig as a $25,000-a-year adviser to Pepsi after he threatened a consumer boycott of the soda company in 1998, saying its ads did not portray African-Americans. He held the position until 2007

  6. The U.S. maintains the policy of intervening militarily in Taiwan if threats of boycott or embargo threaten the peace and security of Taiwan.

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