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It is still technically illegal to be a communist or support communism in the U.S.

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Mark Landis, a small town painter who over the course of many years painted exact replicas of famous works of art, and donated them to over 60 different institutions in 20 states, duping them into believing the works were authentic. Although deceptive, his acts were not technically illegal.

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  1. A 22 year old man siphoned over $50,000 from several online brokerage firms using only the micro-deposits sent when verifying a new account. While technically not illegal, he was indicted for fraud for using false information when setting up the fake accounts.

  2. In 1933 Marlene Dietrich was threatened with arrest in Paris for wearing pants, and that it was technically illegal for women to wear trousers there until 2013

  3. The FDA has ruled oxygen bars administer a prescription drug, and therefore are technically illegal

  4. Making memes is technically illegal in many parts of Europe

  5. While it is technically possible to stop water from flowing over Niagara Falls, it is illegal under the terms of 1950's Niagara River treaty. Canadian (Aaron Thompson, an engineer) and American (Maj. General Mark Toy) are charged with ensuring the flow. In effect they are the waterfall police.

  6. It is technically illegal to publish images taken off the Eiffel Tower at night when it is illuminated, however photographs taken during the daytime are perfectly acceptable

  7. Interracial marriage was technically illegal in Alabama until 2000 (although unenforceable due to Loving v Virginia). In the 2000 referendum, only 59% of people voted in favour of removing these anti-miscegenation clauses from the state constitution

  8. Plastic surgery, while technically illegal, is common in North Korea

  9. It’s technically illegal to be drunk within British pubs/bars. It is punishable by a £200 fine.

  10. Trial by combat is not technically illegal in the U.S.

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Why was the ratification of the constitution technically illegal?

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It's technically illegal to sell sex toys in Texas. The Statute was deemed unconstitutional after attempts to enforce it in 2007, but remains technically in effect.

The British Parliament made advocating the creation of a republic illegal in 1848 with the punishment being transportation to Australia. The law is technically still in force. - source

That, according to an obscure and antiquated law in Florida, it is technically illegal for heterosexual couples to live together before marriage. Almost 700 people were charged with this "crime" between 2006 and 2011. - source

Under US tax code, money obtained through illegal means such as theft and drug dealing is taxable income. That means you're technically required to declare it on your taxes.

Sex outside between two unmarried people is still technically illegal in Massachusetts - source

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Trolling is technically illegal in the UK

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In the UK it is technically illegal to advocate for the abolition of its monarchy.

Human Trafficking was not technically made illegal until 2003 in the UK.

Cannabis is a controlled substance in the Netherlands, making the famous "coffee shops" of Amsterdam technically illegal. However, the law is only enforced if the shops carry or sell more than specified amounts of cannabis or other "soft" drugs, allowing for them to remain in business.

It is technically illegal to purchase a dildo in Texas....and yet any nutcase can waltz into a gun shop and purchase a shotgun....

It is still technically illegal to be in the Communist party or other "Communist-Action" organizations.

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Gay sex is technically still illegal in Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas

Massachusetts transferred the tip of its southwest corner to New York in 1857 because it was hard to police the illegal boxing matches there, including the 1853 fight where John Morrissey beat Yankee Sullivan after 37 rounds on a technicality, causing mass riots

In Britain, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament. It is claimed that this is because the building is technically a palace, and a person dying within a palace is entitled to a state funeral.

Voyeurism technically isn't illegal in Belgium

It was technically illegal for women to wear trousers in Paris till 2013, except if they were riding horses or bicycles. This law from 1800 was forgotten but still technically in force for two centuries, till it was finally declared null and void in 2013.

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Since it is illegal under the Geneva Convention to use the M2 Browning machine gun against enemy personnel due to "unnecessary suffering", gunners instead aim for enemy troops' belt buckles since they are technically classified as 'equipment'.

Most "illegal" interview questions technically aren't illegal to ask, but can be used as evidence in discrimination cases.

Weed is technically illegal in Amsterdam, it is listed in the “Opium Act” (1919-1933) as being an illegal substance.

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