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Laser removal doesn't remove the tattoo. It just helps break it down so white blood cells can carry it away. You poop out your tattoo.

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Lasers removal doesn't 'remove' the tattoo. It just helps break it down so white blood cells can carry it away. Eventually, you poo out your tattoo.

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what tattoo removal cream works?

  1. Tattoos consist of pigment particles suspended in the skin that are permanent because they are too big to be removed by the body. Laser treatment causes tattoo pigment particles to heat up and fragment into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are then removed by normal body processes.

  2. Laser tattoo removal is the process of using different wave lengths of light to break down the metallic ink particles to sizes small enough that they can be passed to the liver by your body's white blood cells.

  3. A university researcher has developed a tattoo removal cream.

  4. The first woman to get a boob job was actually just trying to have a tattoo removed.

  5. A Reformed gang member used a GRINDER to remove gang tattoos on his face after turning his life around.

  6. The Five Punishments in Dynastic China, including facial tattooing, removal of reproduction organs, amputating feet, removing knee caps and cutting off the nose.

  7. You can remove your tattoo using salt, this method is called salabrasion

  8. Tattoo removal lasers use specific wavelengths of light to target specific ink colors

  9. Dr Evan Kane removed his own appendix under local anesthetic in 1921. Self-surgeries included a hernia & an infected finger. He used asbestos bandages, mica for brain surgery, acetylene head lamps,played music as therapy & tattooed his work with a Morse K. He also helped clear his son of murder

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A UK man had his ears surgically removed to look more like his pet parrots; his eyeballs are tattooed orange and blue to match the orange and blue tattoos on his face that look like feathers.

A tattoo artist and model named Grace Neutral has had her eyeballs dyed blue, her bellybutton removed, her tongue forked, her ears shaped to be like an elf's, and her face carved with designs - in addition to many tattoos and piercings - source

When you get laser tattoo removal, you are essentially slicing the ink droplets into smaller pieces so that they can be transported to your liver by white blood cells and eventually you poop your own tattoo out of your system. - source

With laser removal, you eventually poop out an entire tattoo - source

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Eva Medusa, ex-banker, who wants to look like a dragon. Medusa, who goes by Tiamat, now has a full-face tattoo and a forked tongue. She has also undergone nose modification, tooth extraction, ear removal, horn injections and eye colouring in hopes of looking like the creature.

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A Canadian scientist from Halifax has created a Tattoo Removal cream

Japanese Doctor Fukushi Masaichi (1878-1956) was the worlds leading collector of body torn tattoos. He would offer prisoners money to be able to remove their skin after death. He had an immense collection.

There is a company that will remove, preserve, and mount as art, the tattooed skin of your recently deceased loved ones.

Tattoo removal = getting huge green/black boils and blisters on your skin

Four in ten people with tattoos regret at least one of them. And one in six hate their tattoos so much they want them surgically removed.

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A Reformed gang member used a GRINDER to remove gang tattoos on his face after turning his life around.

Richard Hernandez (aka Eva Tiamet), a transgender woman who has undergone extensive body modifications including having her ears and nose removed, a full face tattoo, a forked tongue and eye coloration in her quest to become a dragon.

About "Homeboy Industries" an Organization that aims to help ex gang members get GED and Job training and even offers them free tattoo removal.

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