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'Tar and Feathering' wasn't fatal because it was done with pine tar not the asphalt type in modern times

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183 years ago today, Joseph Smith Jr, founder of LDS, was tar and feathered for allegedly being inappropriate with a 15 year old girl.

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  1. John M. Chivington, an anti-slavery preacher, one sunday found a pro-slavery mob outside his church planning to tar and feather him. He pulled out two handguns and declared "By the grace of God and these two revolvers, I will preach here today"

  2. The Sons of Liberty used the practice of tar and feathering to punish or humiliate government officials.

  3. In 1971 Dr. R. Wiley Brownlee, the principal of a public school in a Detroit suburb, was tarred and feathered by the members of the Ku Klux Klan for proposing that the school district honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

  4. The most recently recorded example of tarring and feathering in the western world occurred in Belfast in 2007

  5. During the Troubles in Northern Ireland; tar and feathers made too much of a mess; so it was given up in favor of Kneecapping; between 1973 and 1979, the police say there were 756 kneecappings

  6. The KKK supported and enforced Prohibition-- to the point of torching saloons, organizing armed patrols against rumrunners, and tar and feathering bootleggers and running them out of town.

  7. A Minnesotan man was tarred and feathered in 1917 for not supporting the war effort,

  8. When "tarring and feathering" someone, the kind of tar used was not petroleum tar (like asphalt), but pine tar, which has a much lower melting point.

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