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Canada, the European Union and the U.K. do not allow surgery to be performed on octopi without anesthesia due to their cognitive abilities

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Until 1986, Doctors did not think babies could feel pain and open-heart surgeries were performed on infants without anesthesia.

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what anesthesia is used for cataract surgery?

  1. Redheads experience more pain and require about 20% more anesthesia when going into surgery because a gene that influences their red hair color also influences pain receptors in the body.

  2. Due to their intelligence, in some countries it is illegal to perform surgery on octopuses without anesthesia

  3. In 2007, a 73-year-old man underwent surgery and suffered "anesthesia awareness" -- a condition where the patient is conscious and feels pain but is paralyzed and cannot alert the surgeon. The man's resulting PTSD led him to suicide, prompting a lawsuit against the anesthesiologists.

  4. Until 1986, doctors did not think that babies could feel pain, and they performed open heart surgeries on infants without anesthesia.

  5. Redheads need more anesthesia during surgery and produce their own vitamin D.

  6. Contrary to popular belief, almost all surgery during the American Civil War was performed under general anesthesia and "pain bullets" are a myth. They were actually chewed by pigs.

  7. Up to at least 1987, all surgeries on infants were done without anesthesia because it was erroneous believed that infants were not capable of feeling pain.

  8. Contrary to popular myth most surgery in the civil war was performed under anesthesia. Chloroform or Ether were used in all but the most extreme cases where anesthesia was unavailable.

  9. Until the 1980s, American hospitals did not give anesthesia to infants during surgeries, and parents were hardly ever told

  10. An American woman who was put under anesthesia for dental surgery, woke up to speaking with a permanent European accent. She's never traveled to Europe or lived in a foreign country.

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Why does the surgeon general wear a navy uniform?

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J. Marion Sims, father of gynecology, conducted experimental surgery without anesthesia on black women who he believed didn't feel pain

As recently as 1986 infants as old as 15 months were receiving no anesthesia during surgery at most American hospitals - source

Anesthesia use was common during Civil War battlefield surgeries. Hollywood's portrayal of battlefield surgery is dramatized and largely false. - source

Before the advent of anesthesia, General Surgeons dreaded preforming surgeries, and it was uncommon for patients to talk about their procedures as it could reawaken "suppressed memories of a necessary torture."

North Korea conducted an experiment where people would have surgery done on them without anesthesia as a way of practice. - source

When was anesthesia first used in surgery?

Roughly 1 in 1000 patients who undergo general anesthesia will feel and remember the excruciating surgery, causing victims to suffer severe PTSD afterward

How to prepare for surgery with general anesthesia?

During his experiments, Davy became addicted to nitrous oxide and in his notebooks observed that it might be an effective anesthesia in surgery.

1 or 2 patients out of 1,000 wake up during major surgery while under general anesthesia

BMX Rider, Mat Hoffman, went through an experimental ACL surgery where a doctor drilled through his knee and inserted a synthetic ligament, all while in a hotel room and with NO anesthesia. He was riding again in one week.

As late as 1985, babies were operated on without anesthesia because doctors believed they did not feel pain. In a shocking case, a pre-mature infant had an open-heart surgery with no pain-relief during the operation. He was also given a drug that left him unable to move, but totally conscious.

Because of the highly developed nervous system, some people believe that octopuses feel the pain during operation and demand the use of anesthesia before surgery.

When does anesthesia wear off after surgery?

Redheads have a genetic mutation that makes them more suspectible to pain to the point where they require 20% more anesthesia for surgery

In the invasion of Singapore by Japan, over 320 were killed at a Red Cross hospital; soldiers forced captives to march into cramped outhouses where they were executed or died of thirst. People who surrendered, were incapacitated, or under anesthesia for surgery were bayonetted.

As recently as 1999, it was commonly stated that babies could not feel pain until they were a year old and doctors used to perform surgeries on infants with no Anesthesia.

During surgeries under general anesthesia, about 1 out of 500 patients become aware and are paralyzed and unable to move. Some can feel pain. This is as horrible as it sounds and can lead to PTSD.

Babies underwent surgery without anesthesia before the 1980s because it was thought they didn't feel pain

How are anesthesia codes different from surgery codes?

As late as 1985, doctors believed babies didn't feel pain and conducted surgeries without anesthesia.

About anesthesia awareness, where patients become conscious during surgery and may feel all the pain

Harriet Tubman had her skull sawed off and got brain surgery while awake and biting a bullet after declining anesthesia

Harriet Tubman had brain surgery in the 1890's and instead of anesthesia, chose to bite down on a bullet while they "sawed open my skull"

It is illegal in some countries to perform surgeries an octopus without anesthesia due to their intelligence

Anesthesia awareness" - being conscious during surgery - affects 0.1% of all general anesthesia patients

U.S. President James K. Polk had surgery to remove urinary stones while awake, with no anesthesia.

President James K Polk underwent surgery as a teenger - without anesthesia - to remove his bladder stones. It was horribly painful, and likely left him sterile and/or impotent.

The Japanese government performed experiments on men, women, children and infants that involved surgery without anesthesia in which organs and limbs were removed.

BMX rider Mat Hoffman went through a experimental ACL replacement surgery that involves drilling through bone, while awake, with no anesthesia and was able to walk out of the hospital immediately after the surgery. He was then back in his bike riding within a week.

BMX rider Mat Hoffman flatlined twice, rejected anesthesia before getting a hole drilled into his knee, and smuggled a tendon into the Canada hospital where he had his surgery

J. Marion Sims, the father of modern gynecology, perfected the field of Gynecology from Experimental Surgeries on Black Slaves without anesthesia

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