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Certain medical equipment requires steel produced before the first atomic bomb tests due to atmospheric radiation (usually from ships sunken prior to ww2)

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In 1964, the inventor Karl Kroyer once filled a sunken ship with 27 million plastic balls to make it lighter and easy to remove. He then tried to patent the idea but failed as examiner found the same method used by Donald duck in a comic book in 1949, 15 years before.

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  1. A man survived in a sunken ship for nearly three days, 270 feet underwater, in pitch darkness, while listening to fish eat the corpses of his shipmates.

  2. A patent on raising a sunken ship by pumping it full of buoyant balls was denied because of prior art in a 1949 Donald Duck comic

  3. A man survived 3 days in an air pocket in a sunken ship in total darkness, before being discovered by divers recovering dead bodies.

  4. When a Soviet research ship went to check on sunken Soviet submarine K-219 in 1988, it found several of the submarine's missile silo hatches had been forced open, and the missiles, along with their nuclear warheads, were gone.

  5. During the Cold War the CIA spent $3.8B to construct a ship with a 16,000ft underwater claw arm in order to retrieve a sunken Soviet nuclear submarine.

  6. The Laha Massacre where Japanese forces picked 300 Australian and Dutch POWs at random in February 1942 and executed them in revenge for the sinking of a Japanese ship. Surviving crew members of the sunken ship took part in the killings.

  7. Highly sensitive devices used to detect radionuclides have to be made from steel salvage from sunken WWI&II ships, as steel since then has been contaminated too much from nuclear bombs.

  8. While snorkeling in Chankanaab's water it is possible to see sunken ships, a variety of tropical fish species, and statues and anchors on the sea floor.

  9. Salvage operations and archaeological research of the sunken ships has been nearly impossible because the ocean floor near Midway is nearly 17,000 deep.

  10. Harrison Okene, a man who was found alive in a sunken ship after three days with no light, food, and only CocaCola to drink.

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The Lake Michigan Triangle, a name given to a location in Lake Michigan which has disappearances and events as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle. Sunken ships, missing planes, and other phenomenon similar to the Bermuda Triangle.

The preserved body of a crewman of the freighter SS Kamloops was found by divers in the engine room of the sunken ship in Lake Superior more than 50 years after it sank in 1927. - source

Guam's Apra Harbor is the only place in the world where sunken ships from WW1 and WW2 are touching. - source

San Francisco's subway runs through the hull of a sunken Gold Rush ship.

Divers searching a sunken wreck saw a hand in the murky water, grabbed it - and it grabbed back. More than 60 hours since the ship capsized, the cook was still alive. The sea water had acted as a CO2 scrubber keeping his compressed air pocket breathable. - source

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Mallows bay along the Potomac River in Maryland which contains the largest collection of sunken ships in the Western Hemisphere

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The first American shots in WW1 were warning shots fired to get the crew of a German ship to surrender. They instead blew up the ship to avoid it's capture, killing seven. It now lies just 110 feet away from a Japanese ship sunken by americans 26 years later.

In 1973 the CIA built a ship to raise a sunken Soviet submarine disguised as an oil well drill ship.

Captain Francesco Schettino - captain of the sunken Costa Concordia who prematurely abandoned ship, claimed that he "slipped and fell" into a lifeboat which carried him to shore.

Sailors from the sunken Essex (the inspiration for Moby Dick) made it to Henderson Island but quickly depleted its resources. If they had found Pitcairn Island (107 miles away) they would have been helped by a small population of the descendants from another ship - mutineers from the HMS Bounty.

The oldest computer in mankinds history was found on a sunken ship and is believed to be more than 2200 years old. It was used to predict astronomical positions as well as the Olympiads. Its complexity was only matched about 1600 years later with the development of mechanical clocks.

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Judy the WWII POW dog who saved men's lives by helping them find water, rescuing them from a sunken ship and protecting them inside POW camps. She received a medal for her service.

The "Oak Island Money Pit", a mysterious pit that has oak "floors" every ten feet and goes down hundreds of feet is rumored to have a treasure that nobody has been able to get to present day. It's now thought to be a vertically sunken viking ship that fell into a sink hole

The bones of an 11-year-old boy where found in a sunken pirate ship, the Whydah Gally. It belonged to captain Samuel Bellamy, and the boy was John King. He joined Bellamy’s crew of his own volition when the Whydah captured his ship, even threatening to hurt his mother if she tried to stop him.

About unsinkable Hugh Williams - a sole survivor of a sunken ship that went down in the Menai Strait in 1664, 1785, 1820 and 1940 (when two of them made out alive).

Steel produced before the detonation of the first atom bomb is necessary for many types of medical and scientific machinery; this metal is regularily scavenged for from sunken WWI/II ships

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During WW2, China blocked the mouth of the Yangtze River with over 200 sunken ships to slow Japanese Navy's advance toward capital city Nanjing

There is a decommissioned, concrete ship that served a brief tenure as a venue while sunken just outside of Seacliff State Beach in Aptos, CA

The Anglo-Zanzibar war was the shortest war in history lasting only 40 minutes but leaving 500 killed or wounded and 3 ships sunken.

The US and Korea had a war back in 1871 over diplomacy. The US was sent on a mission to over diplomacy and a sunken US ship. The culture gap and miscommunication led to war when Korea attacked US ships. The US captured an island and won the war, but nothing was to gain until a treaty in 1882.

In 2013 a Nigerian man was found alive after 3 days of being trapped in his sunken ship, 30m below the surface. The team that found him was sent to investigate the scene and recover the bodies.

A number of sunken ships were encountered during work for the Big Dig.

Azorian" was the code name for a U.S. Central Intelligence Agency project to recover the sunken Soviet submarine from the Pacific Ocean floor in 1974, using the purpose-built ship Hughes Glomar Explorer. (One of the most complex, expensive, and secretive intelligence operations of the Cold War)

Giant balloons are used to salvage sunken ships.

Japan lost over half of their ships during World War 2. They built a total of 645 vesselsBy the end of the war, however, the Imperial Japanese Navy lost 334 warships. This came at a cost of 300,386 sailors. That’s almost as many soldiers as the total Map Of All Sunken Japanese Ships During WWII

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