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MST SGT Benavidez who suffered 7 gunshots, 28 shrapnel wounds, 2 bayonet slashes, a destroyed lung, and a clubbing while saving 8 lives. Ronald Reagan said of him "if the story of his heroism were a movie script, you would not believe it".

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Mother Teresa did not work to alleviate poverty, lied to donors about how contributions were spent, allowed the sick to suffer as she believed suffering was a gift from god, but opted for advanced heart treatment for herself.

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  1. The Cherokee believed that plants, in response to witnessing suffering in the world, created a medicinal plant to cure each disease. When a Medicine Man did not know which plant to use the spirits of the plants told him.

  2. A Manhattan high school only three blocks away from the World Trade Center resumed classes on October 9, 2001. More than 10 years later, many grads suffer breathing problems that they believe are related to 9/11

  3. People who believe they suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) have relocated to a 13,000 square mile US Radio Quiet Zone where wireless is banned to prevent interference with radio telescopes.

  4. After Salazar, the dictator of Portugal, suffered a brain hemorrhage, he was expected to die shortly after and was replaced. When he awoke, rather then tell him, aides continually gave him fake papers to sign and he was made to believe he was still in power for the next two years of his life.

  5. A psychological condition called "Koro" makes sufferers believe that their genitals have been stolen.

  6. Walking Corpse Syndrome" is a mental condition in which sufferers believe they are missing internal organs, have no blood, or that they are dead outright. PET scans of a patient showed he exhibited brain activity similar to someone asleep or under anaesthesia

  7. Before his death, Ed Sullivan believed he was suffering complications from his long-standing battle with ulcers. He did not know that he had been diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer the month before, a diagnosis his family and doctors had kept secret from him.

  8. King Charles VI of France suffered from glass delusions, a psychiatric phenomenon in which people believe they're made of glass. Charles VI refused to let people touch him and wore reinforced clothing to protect himself from accidental "shattering."

  9. Slaughterhouse workers are more likely to be violent, and it is believed this is because they have become desensitized to suffering

  10. The inverted cross only became associated with Satan in the 19th Century when a French cult leader was accused of holding erotic Black Masses. He believed the inverted crucifix symbolised the 'Reign of Love' as opposed to the 'Reign of Suffering’ of the traditional cross

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Which side suffered heavier casualties (deaths) explain why?

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In WW1 Germany protested America's use of the shotgun, as they believed to cause unnecessary suffering and a violation of the Law of War

In 1933, a University of Alabama professor voluntarily allowed a black widow spider to bite him as scientists recorded him suffering in agony for three days. Before this there were skeptics who believed black widows were not dangerous to humans. - source

A rare mental illness, known as Walking Corpse Syndrome in which the suffer has the delusion they are dead. 55% also hold delusions of immortality, such as Mademoiselle X, who believed she didn't need to eat and died of starvation in the 1880's. - source

Some people in India fail to take anti-rabies medication in time due to puppy-pregnancy syndrome. People suffering from this condition believe that shortly after being bitten by a dog, puppies are conceived within their abdomen.

Hans Berger, a German soilder, suffered an accident that occured many miles away from home. Berger believed his own brain sent his father "signals" which prompted his father to check on his well being via telegram. He went on to get his MD and later laid the foundations of EEG research. - source

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About Clive Wearing, a former conductor and musician who suffers from chronic anterograde and retrograde due to a virus fever in 1985. He lacks the ability to form new memories and cannot recall past memories. He lives life believing that he has only recently awoken from a comatose state.

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The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous was a LSD proponent, and believed he had "found something that could make a big difference to the lives of many who still suffered".

Stylitism" was a form of Christian worship in Byzantium in which a holy man would live atop a column, preaching, fasting and praying. The aim was to suffer, as the stylites believed this would ensure the salvation of their souls. St Alypius spent 53 years standing on his column.

There is disorder named Boanthropy in which the sufferer believes he or she is a cow or ox. Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar is one of the famous sufferer.

When Michael Jackson died, Google believed all the searches for his name were a DDoS attack, and blocked such searches for 30 minutes. Twitter and Wikipedia also crashed, with the Los Angeles Times suffering an outage also.

The main causes of death among prisoners at Andersonville Prison were dysentery, scurvy, and diarrhea, but they also suffered from malaria, cholera, typhoid, and smallpox. Some historians believe many died from war crimes committed against them by the Confederates.

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Up until as late as the 1970's Psychiatrists believed Autism was the result of the emotional frigidity of the children's mothers, and called mothers with children who suffered with autism Refrigerator Moms.

Hong Xiuquan, who led a rebellion which caused 30 to 40 million deaths in Qing era China. He did this after failing his civil service exams and suffering a nervous breakdown. He hallucinated meeting a 'heavenly father.' He later met Christian missionaries, and believed he was Jesus's brother.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau died of a stroke in 1778 after suffering from repeated falls that are believed to have damaged his brain.

Anton–Babinski syndrome, a condition caused by brain damage where a person becomes totally blind - but refuse to believe it and swears they can still see. suffering no damage to memory or cognition.

Warren G Harding died on August 2nd, 1923 after suffering what is believed to be cardiac arrest.

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Humans can suffer from a psychological disorder called Boanthropy which makes them believe that they are a bovine(cow,buffalo,ox etc.) and they try to live and behave like one.

Kevin Sorbo suffered a series of strokes (believed to be caused by chiropractic manipulation) in 1997 which severely limited his ability to perform on the 5th &6th seasons of Hercules.

In her lifetime Ellen G. White had approximately 2000 visions. Some believed that her visions were the result of the blow she suffered to her nose when she was nine, while others believe they were divine messages from God.

Some believe that nirvana is a heavenly paradise while others believe nirvana is the end of suffering.

There's a tiny island (Gaiola Island) in Italy that's believed to be cursed and is subsequently uninhabited and abandoned because every single owner of the island has either died or suffered a great tragedy

In 2009, Mexican wrestler "Abismo Negro" demanded to be let off a bus in the middle of nowhere at 1:30 AM on a trip from Tijuana to Mexico City. He got lost on the pitch-dark hillside, and drowned in a lake. It's believed that he suffered a steroid-induced panic attack.

Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which the sufferer believes he or she is a cow or ox. The most famous sufferer of this condition was King Nebuchadnezzar, who in the Book of Daniel “was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen”.

It is believed that Adolf Hitler was suffering from a variety of illnesses and that he took multiple medications - as many as 90 different pills during WWII. He has been described as a neurotic psychopath. By late 1942 Hitler was believed to be addicted to cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.

Clive Wearing, a British conductor who suffers from chronic amnesia. He cannot make any new memories, or recall past memories. However, he can always remember his love for his wife Deborah, greeting her joyously whenever he sees her, even if he believes they have only just met.

A "Hand Of Glory" is the dried and pickled hand of an executed murderer. It was believed that if each finger was lit like a candle, anyone who looked at it would suffer temporary paralyzation.

People can suffer from a psychological disorder called Boanthropy that makes them believe that they are a cow or an ox, and they will act as one too. The most famous sufferer of this condition was King Nebuchadnezzar, who in the Book of Daniel “was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen”

In 1992 the BBC released a horror mockumentary on Halloween night that was presented as a live television and caused a huge controversy because many people believed it was real and there were several case reports of people, mainly children, who suffered PTSD like effects from watching it.

About boanthropy, a psychological disorder in which the sufferer believes he or she is a cow or ox. The most famous sufferer of this condition was King Nebuchadnezzar, who in the Book of Daniel “was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen”.

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