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Actor Samuel L. Jackson had a stuttering problem as a child and still sometimes battles with it today. To combat the stutter he uses the curse word "motherf**ker" as an affirmation word.

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The Monster Study was an experiment designed to induce stuttering in otherwise normal-speaking orphan children. Some of the children were praised for their speech, while others ridiculed and belittled… these children later developed speech problems that lasted their entire life.

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  1. Samuel L. Jackson started using the word "motherfucker" to overcome his lifelong stuttering problem

  2. Scatman John had stuttering problems as a child, with many different issues with repetition. He called playing his piano "his way to speak" and his hit song I'm The Scatman was his way to help children with the same problem.

  3. Samuel L. Jackson had stuttering problem during childhood which he conquered by developing an affinity for the use of the curse word, motherfucker! in his vocabulary.

  4. John "Scatman" Larkin suffered from a severe stuttering problem that traumatized him as a child. His number one hit song was about overcoming stuttering and making the most out of a bad situation in life ("Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop")

  5. Samuel L. Jackson had a stuttering problem during his childhood which he conquered by developing an affinity for the use of the curse word, motherfucker, in his vocabulary.

  6. Samuel L. Jackson began using the word "motherfucker" as a child as a means of warding off his stuttering problem.

  7. Samuel L. Jackson has a stuttering problem, but uses "Motherf*cker" as an affirmation word to correct his speech.

  8. About Bobby Garrett, quarterback for the Browns who stuttered so badly that he was unable to call plays in the huddle. The Browns traded him to the Packers, but didn't mention his stuttering problem. It wasn't until after the trade had been completed that the Packers learned about it.

  9. Samuel L. Jackson used the word "Motherfucker" to overcome a severe stuttering problem.

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