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Michael Jordan practiced with strobe lights on so he wouldn't be distracted by camera flashes in game

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Dogs have only recently been able to watch TV, with the advent of HDTV with their higher framerates. Before that, with CRT's, it was like watching a strobe light.

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  1. Due to electrical excitement, xenon is used in high-powered lamps and flash lamps such as photography strobe lights.

  2. Strobe lights can be used to see quickly rotating objects as if they were standing still

  3. In 1997 a Pokémon episode called "Dennō Senshi Porygon" aired that resulted in 635 Japanese children having epileptic seizures. These children suffered the seizures because of the strobe light effects in the episode. The episode was never aired again.

  4. Dismaland Bemusement Park, a dystopian theme park unsuitable for children, was open in the UK for 36 days in 2015. Dismaland featured a terrifying carousel along with a demented assortment of bizarre displays with adult themes, distressing imagery, strobe lighting, smoke effects, and swearing.

  5. The "Yeti," the most complex animatronic Disney Imagineers have ever built, has been largely non-operational since shortly after "Expedition Everest" opened in 2006. No longer animated, it's simply lit with a strobe light and has come to be known as "Disco Yeti."

  6. NBA arenas are rigged with ceiling strobe lights for photographers

  7. Cookiecutter shark has light-emitting organs, called photophores, on the underside of the body. It can produce continuous greenish light or strobe-like, flashing light. Bioluminescence (production of light) is used mainly for the attraction of the prey. Cookiecutter shark is able to emit light up to 3 hours after death.

  8. It was theorised that a hand held strobe light was used by a pillion rider to distract the driver, resulting in princess Diana's death.

  9. Smoke is used in dance clubs in order to make the light coming from strobes bounce all around the room.

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Water can "freeze" or go the opposite way with sound and strobe lights.

Dogs and cats see at 70-80 Hz - meaning most streetlamps and artificial (50hz/60hz) lights appear to them the way strobe lights appear to us (constantly flashing). - source

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