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In 1996 a stray cat who'd given birth to a litter in an abandoned Brooklyn garage returned to the structure five times after a fire broke out to save her kittens, despite her eyes blistered shut and her paw pads burned from the flames. (Mama and babies all survived.)

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Nancy Cowen was forced to leave behind her cat Cleo, whom she had adopted as a stray, when she moved into a nursing home. About two weeks later however, Cleo managed to find the nursing home where she is now reunited with her owner as care staff intend on keeping them together.

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  1. A homeless heroin addict, James Bowen, got clean with the help of a stray cat, Bob, whom he found injured in 2007. James wrote a best-selling book, and in 2016 a movie was released starring Bob as himself.

  2. A shelter dog named Ginny rescued hundreds of injured stray cats. Abused herself and later adopted, she searched alleys, abandoned buildings and construction sites for cats in need. Once found, she would alert her owner who would take them into care. She saved over 900 cats in her lifetime.

  3. In 2012 a stray cat entered the home of a blind dog called Terfel and became his seeing-eye guide. Confined to his basket so he didn’t bump into things, the cat sensed Terfel’s disability and began using his paws to gently lead him around the house; he even assisted for trips to the local park.

  4. A stray, junkyard dog named Lilica walks 8 miles every night through the streets of San Carlos, Brazil to collect a food parcel. Upon returning home, she shares the food with her ‘family’: a dog, a cat, some chickens and a mule.

  5. A man cut his truck open after hearing a purring noise come from his parking car and found a stray kitten had lodged itself in the frame. He carefully drove to a Humane Society, where the cat was safely rescued. The Society set up a fund to repair his car, with extra money to help other animals

  6. Istanbul has a tremendous amount of stray and feral cats. Entire neighborhoods pitch in food and medical care for the native cats and there is a local belief, "If you kill a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God."

  7. Masha, a stray cat in Russia, kept a 2-month old abandoned baby boy warm in freezing temperatures before being found. The baby survived.

  8. In Russia, a stray cat named Masha kept a three month old baby warm in below-freezing temperatures and refused to leave its side when it was taken to the hospital, the baby lived.

  9. A stray cat named Humphrey was found and subsequently employed at 10 Downing street as a pest controller, eventually rising to the position of Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. After being removed by Cherie Blair, his whereabouts remained unknown until a spokesman reported his death in 2006

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Disneyland uses stray cats to fend off mice.

There are millions of stray cats in Istanbul and they are an essential part of the community - source

Tama, a stray cat that was appointed Station Master at a train station in Japan. Tama's appointment turned the failing station from being at risk of closure into a profitable national tourist destination. Tama was so popular that there are now trains decorated with cartoons of the cat. - source

Tashirojima an island in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Has become known as "Cat Island" due to the large stray cat population that thrives as a result of the local belief that feeding cats will bring wealth and fortune. Here, the cat population now exceeds the human population.

Cat meat is believed to boost one's health during the winter months in traditional Chinese medicine. Cat eating is mostly limited with Guangdong province, where local restaurants are supplied by a nationwide network of catnappers who snatch up strays and deliver them by rail. - source

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Vito Corleone’s cat in The Godfather was a stray that had wandered onto the set.

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There's an island in Japan populated with more stray cats than humans

Eartipping. When vets neuter stray and feral cats they cut the tip off the left ear for easy identification. TNR (T)rap, (N)euter and (R)elease stray and feral cats to prevent cat overpopulation.

In 2008 a fitness trainer adopted a stray kitten after she started running alongside him on his daily jog. He trained the cat and reduced her running time across 150 yards from 2 minutes to 54 seconds

Disneyland has lots of stray cats that live in the park and come out at night to keep the rodent population down

The Rolling Stones Released a Song Called "Stray Cat Blues" in Which Mick Sung About Having Sex With a 15 Year Old Groupie. They Decided It Wasn't Provocative Enough So They Changed The Age To 13 In A Recorded Version. Mick and Keith Were 27 at the Time.

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Koko the Gorilla has had multiple pet cats and there was an elephant that adopted a stray dog.

The site where Julius Caesar was assassinated, the east portico of the Theater of Pompey in the Campus Martius in Rome, is now called the Torre Argentina and now operates as a sanctuary for stray cats

A Philippine University houses 50+ stray cats after a group of professors decide to care for them in response to instances of security bagging and killing strays that wander in.

The reason behind Garfield sending Nermal to Abu Dhabi is because of the large stray cat population Abu Dhabi is known to have.

The cat in the beginning of The Godfather was not in the original script. The director ventured upon the stray in the parking lot and brought it on set

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After the USSR launched a dog and the USA launched a chimpanzee into space, France launched a former stray cat named Félicette. One of 14 cats trained for the mission, Félicette was selected because the others were overweight on launch day.

Canada had a stray cat sanctuary beside the parliament buildings in Ottawa. The Canadian Parliamentary Cats attracted up to 300 visitors a day before shutting down in 2013.

Cats, mainly strays, are largely responsible for the deaths of over 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion mammals each year in the US, recent research indicates, meaning that feline predation surpasses other human-linked animal deaths, such as habitat destruction and pesticide poisoning.

In 1963 France launched a stray tuxedo cat named Félicette into space

Room 8 was once the most beloved cat in LA - donations for his funeral were so great the stray has one of the biggest graves in the pet cemetery (the most visited 51 years later), what was left was donated to a cat rescue established in his name.

At night, Disneyland becomes overrun by stray cats. Disney embraces them because they keep the mouse population in check and treats them like pets, including spaying and neutering them and giving them shots.

When The Stray Cats made their American television debut on Fridays (ABC's answer to SNL), the band had yet to be signed by a record company. During the group's performance, there was a crawl at the bottom of the screen inviting offers from record companies.

Thomas Edison was a big supporter of execution by electrocution. He would demonstrate the killing power of electricity by staging press conferences at which he would shock stray cats and dogs to death.

The place that Julius Caesar was murdered is now a part of a stray cat sanctuary.

A stray cat and her kittens were adopted by Busan Police Station

Washington D.C. is using stray cats to fight off huge rats!

The UAE has a falcon hospital and considered one of the largest avian hospitals. The hospital has individual air-conditioned rooms for over 200 birds. Each year about 6,000 falcons enter its care. It is also an animal shelter and the facility can accommodate hundreds of stray dogs and cats

In 2005, Japan railway officials appointed a stray calico cat named Tama as their station master at Kishi Station in Kinokawa. Her duty was to greet passengers and she was so popular that she has a train and a building in her honor.

Mobster Whitey Bulger was captured because of plastic surgery and a cat. The FBI identified Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Greig, through a plastic surgeon. They then aired commercials on women's day time talk shows. Then a neighbor reported Greig often fed a stray cat in the complex.

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