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Domesticated cats have been responsible for the 33 extinction around the world. One being caused by a single cat, Tibbles, who killed an entire population of Stephen's Island Wren.

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A cat named Tibbles once started bringing dead birds to a lighthouse that were discovered to be a new species, the Stephens Island wren. They went extinct shortly after and Tibbles the cat was accused of being the only single living creature to eradicate a species.

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  1. Tibbles the cat was personally responsible for the extinction of the Stephens Island Wren.

  2. One of the last-seen specimens of the now-extinct Stephens Island wren was killed by the lighthouse keeper's cat, Tibbles

  3. A cat named Tibbles single-pawedly caused the extinction of the endemic Stephen's Island Wren in NZ in 1894.

  4. The Stephens Island Wren; a flightless bird who, one year after discovery and soon after declaration as a new species, was almost immediately declared extinct due to the discovering scientists escaped pregnant house cat and her descendants.

  5. The original title of Stranger Things was "Montauk", based on the coastal city of Montauk, New York in Long Island, where it was to be set and filmed. These were dropped due to expensive/cold weather in Montauk and the title was changed to "Stranger Things" after Stephen King's "Needful Things".

  6. An entire species of flightless songbird, the Stephen's Island Wren, was hunted to extinction by a cat named Tibbles and her kittens

  7. When asked to choose his 8 favourite tracks to take to a hypothetical desert island, Stephen King included 'Pon De Replay' by Rihanna.

  8. Legend has it that a single introduced cat named 'Tibbles' killed off an entire species of bird called the 'Stephens Island Wren' from the bird's namesake island over 100 years ago. However this may be false... recent research reveals it may have actually been several hundred cats that did it.

  9. The Stephens Island Wren was made extinct by a single cat called Tibbles

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