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There is a type of Australian beetle which is threatened with extinction because the male beetles try to have sex with beer bottles instead of females

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The New Zealand Black Robin that went from extinct to threatened after scientists found 6 males and 1 female on a rocky island isolated from introduced predatory species. today there are hundreds of Black Robins.

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  1. The annual value of the global fishing industry for tuna is $7.2 Billion, which has seen its population drop 70% since 1980. Now it is highly threatened to be extinct. About 3/4 of them are consumed in Sushi and Sashimi markets in Japan.

  2. There is only one species of parasitic conifer in the world. It is threatened with extinction and no one really knows how it "finds" its "victims."

  3. The Nicobar Pigeon, a near threatened species, is the closest living relative of the extinct Dodo bird.

  4. Sequoia National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, most of which are also found in Kings Canyon National Park. There are 200 bird species, 26 reptile species, 73 mammal species, 5 native fish species, and several of these species are on the endangered species list, threatened, or even extinct.

  5. There's a White-Nose Fungus that's been killing off millions of bats every year for the past decade that threatening extinction of some species.

  6. Genetically modifying plants could help to avoid extinction of threatened plant species.

  7. Tropical Race 4 (TR4), a soil borne fungus that infects banana plants, is threatening to make our supplies of bananas extinct. Taiwan now only supplies 2% of what it used to in the 1960s as a result of 70% banana plantations being devastated from TR4.

  8. Coral species are moving towards increased extinction risk most rapidly (when compared to mammals, birds, and amphibians), while amphibians are, on average, the most threatened group.

  9. In 2013, David Attenborough said that humans are "a plague on Earth", threatening their own existence and that of other species by using up the world’s resources. He said the only way to save the planet from famine and species extinction is to limit human population growth.

  10. The 43 species of Dragonfly resident in Britain, 1/3rd of them are in decline and threatened with extinction.

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Why has the value of ivory threatened the extinction of the elephant?

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The UN maintains a "red list", a comprehensive list of biological species, ranked in order of how threatened they are. Homo sapiens are at the bottom of the list of all living beings when it comes to danger of extinction.

36% of all chameleon species are being threatened with potential extinction, with the main culprit of this being habitat alteration and deforestation. - source

in 1958, Chairman Mao ordered the killing of all sparrows since they threatened crops. It backfired, since the near-extinction of the sparrows lead to more bugs eating crops. This resulted in the deaths of forty-five million people. - source

Plants are the most illegally traded wildlife in the world. The poaching of slipper orchids has resulted in 80 per cent of the species being threatened with extinction.

Honey bees are not remotely threatened with extinction; the ones in danger in North America are the 3,999 other bee species - most of which are solitary, stingless, ground nesting bees - source

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1 in 8 bird species were threatened with extinction

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40% of insect species are threatened with extinction.

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