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There were 30ft long sea cows called Steller's sea cows in the 1700s and we killed them.

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On his travels through the Arctic, naturalist George Steller described a mysterious creature known as the Danish Sea Ape. While this has since perplexed scientists, evidence indicates that he was not describing an animal, but rather subtly mocking the ship's Danish captain, who he despised.

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what do steller sea lions eat?

  1. Steller's sea cow was poor swimmer, that was able to spend only 4 to 5 minutes under the water. Due to slow nature and lack of aggressiveness, it was an easy target for hunters.

  2. Steller's sea cows were monogamous animals that had mated during the spring. Bonds between formed couples were very strong.

  3. Single calf was born after pregnancy of more than 12 months.

  4. Steller's Sea Cow and the spectacles cormorant were Bering Sea species that became extinct due to man's exploitation. The Bering Canada Goose is also now extinct due to man's activities.

  5. Researchers believe that an average lifespan of Steller's sea cow was 50 to 80 years.

  6. Steller's sea cow had lived in large groups (herds), composed of adult animals of both sex and juveniles. Young animals were kept in the center of the group for the protection.

  7. Steller's sea cow had thick, wrinkled, bark-like skin that was black colored.

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Threatened and endangered species found in Redwood National Park include Chinook salmon, Steller's sea lion, northern spotted owl, tidewater goby, and the bald eagle.

Steller's sea cow was 26 to 30 feet long and it had 8 to 10 tons of weight.

Except for the breathing noise, Steller's sea cow was completely mute. However (based on the very large internal ear bones), it had excellent sense of hearing.

Steller's sea cow is named after George Stellar who discovered and described this species.

Steller's Sea Cow, a recently extinct giant manatee that weighed between 4,000-11,000 kg - source

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Steller's sea cow had thick, insulating layer of fat (of 4 to 9 inches) designed to keep the body temperature stable in the cold waters and to serve as a shield against Arctic ice and rocks.

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Meat of Steller's sea cow had similar taste and texture of veal. Unlike the meat of other animals, meat of Steller's sea cow was able to retain freshness during prolonged period of time and it was very popular among sailors. Fat of Steller's sea cow was used both in human diet (as a substitute for butter) and for the oil lamps.

Marine mammals found in the Bering Sea also include the polar bear, the orca, the walrus, the Steller sea lion, and the northern fur seal.

Steller's sea cow was a herbivore. Its diet was based on the kelp, sea weed and other aquatic plants. Deeply grooved keratinous plates in the mouth were used to mash the food before swallowing.

About the Steller's Sea Cow, a relative of the manatee, reaching up to 9 metres (30 feet) in length and 8-10 metric tons. It was hunted into extinction shortly after its discovery.

Both mating and giving birth of calves were taking place under the water.

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Natural enemies of Steller's sea cows were large species of sharks and humans.

Steller's sea cow had small head, large upper lip, mouth without teeth, two stout forelimbs, huge body and flat, paddle-shaped tail.

Stellers Sea Cow, a large herbivorous marine mammal similar to the manatee that reached 30 feet in length, was wiped out by sailors 27 years after it was discovered by Europeans

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