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The Sperm Whale is the loudest animal on the planet and are so loud that they can vibrate you to death

how sperm whales get their name?

A group of sperm whales adopted a bottlenose dolphin with a spinal deformation, after it was lost from its own dolphin group.

What do sperm whales eat?

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what sperm whales eat giant squid?

  1. Sperm whales seek out habitats with large communities of bioluminescent plankton, which are not part of the whale's diet. As the plankton's predators (fish) approach the plankton, their glowing alerts the whale. The whale eats the fish. The plankton then turn out their lights.

  2. The earth's oceans may be teeming with massive, hollow, worm-like entities called pyrosome that can grow as big as a sperm whale

  3. A 7300 kg sperm whale was exploded using half a ton of dynamite with chunks of flesh flying up to 240m away. By coincidence, a brand new Oldsmobile, purchased during a "Get a Whale of a Deal" promotion, was flattened by a chunk of falling blubber after the blast.

  4. In 1970 the Oregon Highway Division attempted to blow up a washed ashore dead sperm whale, using half a ton of dynamite, to dispose of its rotting carcass. The explosion threw whale flesh over 800 feet away, crushing cars and almost killing bystanders.

  5. Moby Dick is based on a real-life male sperm whale named Mocha Dick. He reportedly destroyed more than 20 whaling ships and escaped another 80 in the early 19th century before being killed.

  6. Until recently, most perfumes contained a preservative called "ambergris," which is hardened sperm whale vomit. Terrible smelling chunks of ambergris can be found lying on beaches, and are worth tens of thousands of dollars per pound.

  7. Sperm whales only have one blow hole which evolved from the left nostril. The right nostril is located inside the front of the whale's head and has evolved into a pair of lips used for echolocation.

  8. Sperm Whales’ sounds are so loud (under water) they can burst your ear drums or even “vibrate” you to death.

  9. When a sperm whale eats a giant squid and consumes its beak, its digestive tract secretes a substance called ambergris to ease its passing. Ambergris is extremely valuable (a 2.4lb lump sold for £11,000) and can be used to make perfumes and to flavor food.

  10. The members of the crew of the Essex, the ship that was sunk by a sperm whale (and inspired "Moby Dick"), were forced to resort to cannibalism to stay alive on their longboats. Toward the end, they drew lots to see who would be killed for the benefit of the others. Only 8 of 20 survived.

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What does sperm whales eat?

Why are they called sperm whales?

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Caribbean Sperm Whales have regional accents and dialects, and tend to associate only with other whales that have the same "culture" as they do.

Between 1900-1999, nearly 3 million whales were killed, including 560,000 sperm whales - source

Sperm Whales can vibrate a human to death. - source

Sperm whales are the loudest animal on the planet, sperm whales uses echolocation and vocalization as loud as 236 decibels

The loudest animals on the planet are sperm whales. They communicate with clicks that reach 236db and can be heard by fellow sperm whales more than 1000 miles away - source

When sperm whales eat?

Somewhere in the sea there are about seventy five battles per minute between colossal squid and sperm whales

How sperm whales hunt?

Sperm whale sonar clicks are so loud they can do physical harm to divers.

"sperm whales" got their name because early whalers discovered that they store up to 500 gallons of white goo on top of their brains and automatically assumed it was reproductive material.

The sperm whale was named after a semi-liquid, waxy substance found in the whale's head that researchers mistakingly thought was semen

Sperm Whale vomit, or "Ambergris", is very valuable and is used to make perfumes, due to its pleasant smell.

Moby Dick was inspired by the sinking of the Nantucket whaler 'Essex' by an 85 foot sperm whale.

When do sperm whales migrate?

The loudest animal on the planet is the Sperm whale that can click at 236 db, some people believe they can communicate with other whales half way around the world.

Chapter 95 of Moby-Dick is dedicated to the description of turning a Sperm Whale’s penis into a sleeveless robe worn by the whale ship’s “mincer”; who’s job it is cut up the whales blubber into fine sheets.

After their boat was sunk by a sperm whale (inspiration for "Moby Dick") some of the survivors decided to take the much longer east route to South America instead of the Polynesian islands because they feared the cannibals that lived there. They then had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

Sperm Whales in Alaskan waters steal fish from fishing lines by tracking the noise from boats' motors. This feeding behaviour is called depredation and experts think it is learned by the whales.

How sperm whales survive?

Sperm Whales are the loudest animal in the world. They have been recorded producing noises over 230 decibels. It can be very dangerous for humans to swim with them due to how loud they are.

Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" was inspired by a real life aggressive sperm whale called Mocha Dick, a 70-foot long white whale covered in barnacles that possibly survived 100 skirmishes with whalers

On the real whaleship Essex (which was destroyed by a white sperm whale, inspiring Moby Dick) the crew resupplied at Galápagos by collecting 300 Galápagos giant tortoises which they let roam the ship at will, butchering them at sea as needed.

A "mincer" was someone who used the hide of a sperm whale penis to create clothing

A sperm whale’s head contains the finest quality oil, called spermaceti. Some 2,000 litres of it lay in a huge sac called the spermaceti organ. Spermaceti oil would not go rancid in storage and remained sweetly scented. It was used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and lubricant for clocks/watches.

The Caribbean Sea is home to 90 mammal species, including dolphins, sperm whales, manatees, humpback whales, and seals, among many others.

Whales found in the Arabian Sea include blue whales, humpback whales, Minke whales, sperm whales, and orca whales.

80% of the sperm whale's diet consists of giant squids. Battle between these two gigantic creatures often leaves sperm whales with large scars. Other than giant squids, sperm whales eat fish, octopus, shrimps, crabs and sharks that are living on the bottom of the ocean.

Herman Melville's most famous book Moby-Dick was published in 1851. It was based on Herman's experiences aboard whaling ships and a story about whalers on the ship the Essex that sank in 1920 after being attacked by a sperm whale.

Sperm whales are large animals that can reach 49 to 50 feet in length, weighing between 35 and 45 tons. Males are larger than females.

In 2010 a new species of giant sperm whale was named after him, Livyatan melvillei.

Female whale sharks are larger than males. Other than that, they can be recognized by the lack of claspers on the lower side of their body. Claspers are seen only in males, who use them to transfer the sperm during copulation.

Mating season takes place during the summer. Male joins the pod of females and mate with all sexually mature individuals.

Sexual maturity of sperm whales depends on their size. Females are able to become pregnant as soon as they reach the length of 28 feet. Males are ready for mating when they reach the size of 39 feet.

Kenting National Park's ocean current provides a home for a diverse species of marine life including sea turtles, sea birds, and although almost non-existent today - it used to provide a wintering location for a variety of whale species including humpback, baleen, and sperm whales.

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