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An American Airforce Sergeant found a dead General while he was on his way to work at area 25, a nuclear test area in Nevada. It turns out the General had ejected while flying a captured Russian Mig at Mach 2. The force of the air at that speed instantly snapped his neck and killed him.

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Lockheed Skunkworks is working on SR-72, the successor to the legendary SR-71, with a speed of Mach 6 and powered by a radical new engine which combines the features of a turbine and a scramjet.

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  1. The SR 71 design could actually go to mach 6 speeds if it wasn't for the material melting past mach 3.3

  2. Lockheed Martin is currently developing an unmanned aircraft that is capable of reaching speeds exceeding Mach 20. Able to cross the United States in under 12 minutes

  3. SABRE engine technology - basically planes that go from the ground to an altitude of 25 km, reach Mach 5.5 and then become rockets, kick you back into your seat and reach a speed of Mach 25. Such planes could reach anywhere in the world in roughly 4 hours.

  4. Several test pilots were once awarded astronaut wings despite not being in a space program. They managed to exceed 50 miles in altitude or more while attempting to break the world speed record in an X-15 test aircraft. They even managed to break Mach 4, 5, and up to 67 miles above earth.

  5. The United States Air Force SR-71 Blackbird "is the fastest aircraft propelled by air-breathing engines. . . . It could operate safely at a maximum speed of Mach 3.3 at an altitude more than sixteen miles, or 25,908 m (85,000 ft), above the earth."

  6. Once the SR71 Blackbird accelerated to mach 3, it only required about 30% throttle to maintain that speed. (ctrl F "mach")

  7. The SR-71 Blackbird leaked fuel until it went fast enough that friction from the air heated the titanium body panels of the aircraft to the point that they expanded, sealing the gaps between them that enabled the aircraft to function at speeds above Mach 3.

  8. The speed of sound is not a static speed, it depends on altitude AND temperature, hence the Mach scale was invented and Mach 1 being the point at which you break the sound barrier

  9. The fastest speed recorded for a manned/powered aircraft was almost 50 years ago in 1967. (The X-15, Mach 6.72)

  10. Mach 10 is the posted speed limit sign at the Holloman Air Force Base high speed sled test track operated by the 846th test squadron in New Mexico.

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What mach is the speed of sound?

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Supersonic speed is Mach 1 (around 768 miles per hour at sea level), while hypersonic speed is Mach 5. The Mach number is ratio of the aircraft speed to the speed of sound.

Years before the SR-71, and even before the AQM-60, Kelly Johnson designed a hypersonic test drone that exceeded mach 4. The X-7 prototype was made of steel and boosted to supersonic speeds, where a ramjet would take over. The first of its 131 test flights was in 1951. - source

BrahMos, jointly developed by India and Russia is the world's fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation.The missile travels at speeds of Mach 2.8 to 3.0. A second version with speeds of upto Mach7 is planned - source

We all travel at over 87 Mach because that is the speed of Earth.

Years before the SR-71 existed, the B-58 bomber set no less than 19 world speed records. The "Hustler" was capable of mach 2.... and still holds the record for longest supersonic flight, 8024 miles. The Mig-25 Foxbat actually began development immediately after the B-58 was revealed. - source

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MythBusters achieved a world record speed of Mach 1,5(1100 mph or 1770 kmph) with a Ping Pong ball.

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NASA's hypersonic X-43A scramjet set the air speed record for an air-breathing unmanned aircraft at Mach 9.6 in 2004, nearly 7000 miles per hour.

Bill Weaver survived the breakup of a jet plane at a speed of Mach 3.18 and an altitude of 78,800 ft without being ejected from the plane.

Ernst Mach (for whom Mach numbers are named; Mach 1 = the speed of sound) was cited by Einstein as providing a partial foundation for the theory of general relativity, but Mach himself rejected both general relativity and the concept of the atom

In 1967 Maj. William "Pete" Knight flew a plane at Mach 6.7 or 4,520 mph (7,274 km/h) , a speed which remains the fastest anyone has ever flown an aircraft.

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Mach Speed is named for Austrian physicist Ernst Mach.

On 26 April 1971 a United States Air Force (USAF) SR-71 Blackbird jet crewed by "Lt. Col. Thomas B. Estes, USAF, aircraft commander, and Maj. Dewain C. Vick, USAF, reconnaissance systems officer, made a record-breaking 15,000-mile nonstop flight, at times attaining speeds in excess of Mach 3."

According to the declassified SR-71 pilot handbook, the SR-71 would tend to overshoot its cruising altitude if it was climbing at cruising speed, since it cruised at Mach 2.8 to Mach 3. Acceleration actually increased as it gained altitude, and the throttle became "quite responsive".

Glass breaks at the incredible speed of 5,250 KMPH or 3,262 MPH or 1,458 Meters per second or Mach 4

The world speed record for RC gliders was recently set at 505 MPH, or .66 Mach.

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The Sprint Anti Ballistic Missile could travel from 0-Mach 10 in 5 seconds. It would then start to glow white hot and travel at hypersonic speeds to take out an incoming ICBM.

You would have to be travelling at Mach 33 ( 33 times the speed of sound ) to reach "Escape Velocity" and leave the Earth's atmosphere. Approx 40,000 km/h.

A scramjet is a type of hypersonic jet engine. It's theoretical top speed ranges from 8,400 mph (Mach 12) to 16,000 mph (Mach 24).

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