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A company in Japan developed a smoke alarm specifically designed for those with hearing impairments that uses wasabi odour instead of a loud noise. Tests on sleeping people with normal or no hearing show the device waking all of the subject in just two and a half minutes.

how to work in environments that are not specifically designed for exercise?

H.H. Holmes, a 19th century serial killer in the US, opened a hotel which he had designed and built for himself specifically with murder in mind. It included soundproofed bedrooms, trap doors, walls lined with blowtorches and two incinerators.

What was the agp bus designed specifically for?

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what type of plan was specifically designed for a self-employed person?

  1. At most Outlet stores, you're buying an inferior product designed specifically for Outlets and never sold at retail. You can often check labels for special markings to know what you're buying.

  2. Males may have evolved facial features specifically designed to take a punch. Researchers found that facial bones commonly broken during a fight grew more resilient as time progressed and were the same bones that showed the most divergence between males and females.

  3. Around the year 1500, Leonardo da Vinci designed a robot. When these plans were found almost 500 years later and built according to Leonardo's specifications, the design worked perfectly.

  4. Leonardo da Vinci created plans for a "mechanized knight," - a robot-like creation reliant on a system of pulleys. When these plans were found almost 500 years later and built according to Leonardo's specifications, the design worked perfectly.

  5. It is possible to survive a nuclear blast inside a bankvault, and this is because they are designed specifically to withstand the blast pressure.

  6. "Highway Gothic" are a standard set of fonts specifically designed since 1948 to maximize legibility at distance and high speed, and are used on highway signs around the world.

  7. The Camden Bench was specifically designed to deter sleeping, littering, skateboarding, drug dealing, graffiti and theft. It is considered emblematic of hostile architecture.

  8. There is a shotgun shell specifically designed to plant flowers

  9. There are playgrounds specifically designed for kids to play with minimal adult supervision and do risky things, like light fires, build and destroy, and play on more dangerous terrain. There, kids can learn to take appropriate risks on their own.

  10. Amazon created an entirely new font called "Bookerly" specifically designed to be easy to read on Kindles and other digital screens.

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What is designed specifically to handle calculations with non-integer numbers?

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specifically designed fact data chart about Need (any) Advice for a Viking King Death Chart. Used PPT an
Need (any) Advice for a Viking King Death Chart. Used PPT and my own data. Anyone know any endless/inter-connectable Celtic/Nordic snake/knot/dragon designs I could use to lead the

specifically designed fact data chart about I designed a calendar that uses sunrise and sunset data to g
I designed a calendar that uses sunrise and sunset data to generate a location specific visualisation of daylight throughout the year.

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Prisons across America serve certain inmates a one-dish meal called "nutriloaf", which was specifically designed to be bland, flavorless, and unappealing.

In the 1970's, General Motors designed the Chevy Vega specifically so it could be shipped pointed downwards. The fluid reservoirs were designed so fluid did not leak when the cars were tipped on end. This allowed them to ship 30 automobiles on a single rail car. - source

The second Shah of Iran built a marble slide for his underground baths that was specifically designed for women in his harem to use to slide "into the arms of their lord and master before being playfully dunked in a pool." - source

In 2004, Audi designed a fake car specifically for the Will Smith movie iRobot. This eventually inspired the birth of the Audi R8

The Daisey Cutter, a bomb specifically designed to create helicopter landing pads in the thick jungle forests of Vietnam. The blast would level a 300+ ft circle while leaving the ground itself relatively unaffected. - source

Bagley's decision tree is specifically designed for use when?

There are cell phones specifically designed to hide in your butt

How are vaccines designed to specifically stimulate active immunity?

There is a programming language called Malbolge, specifically designed to be almost impossible to use. When it was created it was so difficult to understand that it took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear.

The biohazard sign was designed specifically to resemble nothing and have no meaning by itself so that people could learn to associate it with danger

In 2007, there was an informal poll by The Daily Telegraph to incorporate Wales (or, more specifically, the Welsh Dragon), onto Britain's flag. The winning design, however, was the Union Jack with the logo of Gurren Lagann right smack in the middle.

There is a cologne that is specifically designed to make you smell like the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

H.H. Holmes, a 19th century serial killer, designed and built a hotel specifically for murder. It included a maze of hallways, trap doors, soundproof/airtight rooms. It's estimated he had a total of 200 victims.

When dwellings are designed specifically for persons with a handicap?

The first Macintosh keyboard had no arrow keys so that users could only move the cursor with the mouse and to force developers to design UI oriented software specifically for the Mac.

Comic Sans was created for Microsoft Bob. A designer who had worked on child-oriented fonts felt Times New Roman was too formal for the younger users, so he based his work on comic books, specifically, The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. While too late to be used in Bob, 3D Movie Maker used it

Individuals with hemophilia can be proactive against the disorder by doing specific exercises designed to help strengthen their joints. This can help prevent bleeding.

John Pendry proposed placing a series of carefully designed metal wires or rings in specific arrangements to create materials with tailored and unusual electromagnetic properties. The combination of neg magnetic response and neg electric response had a curious effect: It bent light backward.

Tentacled snake rarely attacks people. Venom is specifically designed for killing of the fish and it is not harmful for humans.

How are cars specifically designed to avoid resisting forces?

Early QWERTY layout had 0 and 1 omitted to simplify the design and reduce the manufacturing and maintenance costs. They were chosen specifically because they were redundant and could be recreated using the uppercase letter I and uppercase O.

The highest quality of amphibolite is quarried for specific uses in architectural design

Scientist designed an online puzzle game called Foldit specifically for solving problems related to protein folding. In three weeks gamers had mapped the structure of an Enzyme that scientist had struggled with for over 13 years.

The Sims has famous artists to re-sing their songs in scripted Simlish language (a language specifically designed for the game), from Katy Perry to My Chemical Romance.

The Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios was specifically designed with Spanish Colonial architecture to seamlessly blend in with the skyline of the nearby Morocco pavilion at Epcot.

There are sections of major highways that are specifically designed to double as runways in time of war/crisis.

Chocolate bars given to US troops during WWII were specifically designed to not taste appealing so they'd only be eaten during an emergency, and they were about to withstand temperatures as high as 120 F and each bar had 600 calories (3 per day would cover the 1800 cal/day suggestion).

There are earphones, specifically designed for "adult entertainment", that make voices more pleasing among other things. (potentially)

About Sans Forgetica: a downloadable font designed specifically to improve retention (and recall) of written information

In 2007, Nike designed a shoe specifically to fit the needs of Native American feet.

Some planisphere models are designed to work in a specific latitude range which means they will lose accuracy of used elsewhere.

The world's only university specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing students was created in 1864 by an act of Congress and signed into law by President Lincoln.

By design, it is difficult to insert a USB plug into its receptacle incorrectly. USB specification requires that the cable plug and receptacle be marked so the user can recognize the proper orientation, this is recognised by a little dent on the metal part of the port to indicate this side up

It has specifically designed middle finger which is used for extraction of food from trunks, braches and hard shells. This finger is very thin (looks like it is made of skin and bones) and it can be three times longer than other fingers.

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