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The man who plays the alien in “Alien” was a 2.08m (6’10”) Nigerian named Bolaji Bandejo, and the filmmakers came across him in a bar by pure chance. While on set, a special swing had to be constructed so Bolaji could sit because the Xenomorph’s tail got in the way.

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Treehouse attachment bolts are specialized bolts engineered for treehouse construction. Since treehouses are subject to frequent load reversal produced by winds, TABs must be made of spring steel. The bolts are able to support from between 9,000 and 12,000 pounds

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  1. Despite containing components from a 19th century fireplace mantel, Brian May's homemade electric guitar, the "Red Special", has only needed a single major restoration since its construction in 1963 (mostly for cosmetic work). May continues to use it as his primary guitar for live performances.

  2. The heaviest member of U.S. was Alabama Senator Dixon Hall Lewis, who weighed 500 pounds and had to sit in a specially constructed chair. His colleagues remarked that Alabama had the "largest representation of any state."

  3. There are special cells that were used by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union known as "Standing Cells" constructed to prevent the prisoner from doing anything but stand.

  4. The Boston Celtics floor is constructed out of 264 5x5ft specially designed panels, and is the only oak floor in the NBA.

  5. Prior to the release of the Hang there had been 25 years of research in regards to the steel pan and its acoustics and construction technology. The Hang is constructed with special steel with high nitrogen content, with high rigidity.

  6. The Ulam Spiral is a graphical depiction of the set of prime numbers, constructed by writing the positive integers in a square spiral and specially marking the prime numbers

  7. The gravity-defying lean in Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video was executed using specially constructed shoes that contained cut-outs in the heels which latched onto retractable pegs in the floor. The shoe design was patented in 1992.

  8. JetBlue offered a special $4 dollar flight from Burbank to Long Beach in response construction shutting down the 405 freeway in 2014. The flight took 2 1/2 hours and was only 39 miles long.

  9. Uranium screws are special types of screws used to construct nuclear weapons.

  10. 'Russian Mountains', specially constructed ice hills for sledding. These were the precursors for roller coasters and are the reason some languages still call them as such.

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Some languages don't only have singular and plural, but also a special construct for groups of two

Dialogue in the Dark is an exhibition where visitors are led by blind guides through a specially constructed and completely darkened space. - source

Jonathan Daniels an Episcopal seminarian and civil rights activist was murdered by shotgun-wielding construction worker Tom Coleman, who was a special county deputy, in Hayneville, Alabama, while in the act of shielding 17-year-old Ruby Sales. - source

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