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A robot recently performed the world's first autonomous soft-tissue surgery without any assistance from doctors, and did so while outperforming human doctors by every metric except for speed.

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In 2005 a portion of T-Rex bone was dissolved in acid, it revealed soft tissue with sections of possible DNA.

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  1. Scientists recovered soft tissue and blood vessels from a T. rex dinosaur

  2. The diet of the Bearded Vulture is ~90% bones, allowing it to return to a carcass long after other scavengers have removed any soft tissues. Bones too large to swallow are dropped from great height to crack them into smaller pieces.

  3. There is a disease called "Stone Man Syndrome" which causes soft tissues to heal as bone, leading to sufferers losing mobility as the disease progresses.

  4. In 2005 a portion of T-Rex bone was dissolved in acid, it revealed soft tissue with sections of possible DNA.

  5. About Tim McGrath, who lost half his face to soft tissue cancer, and had to live with exposed flesh for a year after several reconstructions surgeries failed. WARNING: extremely graphic images in link.

  6. A 195 million year old dinosaur bone was found with soft tissue still preserved in it

  7. In 2005 a portion of T-Rex bone was dissolved in acid, it revealed soft tissue with sections of possible DNA.

  8. It accumulates in the body, being stored in the skeletal system and soft tissues.

  9. Scientists have made a spinal implant that could help the paralyzed walk. Paralyzed rats fitted with it were able to walk again. It's called "e-Dura," a thin silicon ribbon with electrodes of silicon and platinum microbeads that mimics the soft tissue around the spine known as the dura mater.

  10. Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a disease which causes damaged soft tissue to regrow as bone. People are slowly imprisoned by their own skeletons...

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Tooth pulp makes up the center of the tooth, made up of soft connective tissue containing nerves and blood vessels. The pulp is considered to be a tooth's nerve.

Crabs have external skeleton called "exoskeleton". It is made of chitin and it provides protection for the soft tissue underneath it. Other name for exoskeleton is shell or carapace.

If early deep sea divers encountered a catastrophic air line failure, the massive decompression would literally "squeeze" all their soft tissue into their helmets. - source

Sometimes bone tissue grows in the soft part of the pelvis, resembling a rib or bent finger. Known as 'pelvic finger', the defect is usually harmless.

The pterodactyl had a crest on the skull made up of soft tissue, which extended from the largest opening of the skull to the back of the skull.

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An earlobe is soft when gently pulled. However, with more insistent pulling and more force, it will become very stiff. The skin and most of the soft tissues in the body have this extraordinary ability to drastically switch from soft to stiff when they are subjected to large deformation

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The world's only known remaining Dodo soft tissue is displayed in Oxford, UK - the remains of a stuffed bird thrown on a bonfire in 1755.

Ancestor of ombu tree is herbaceous plant. It does not have woody tissue or growth rings that can be seen on the cross section of typical woody plants. Instead, ombu tree has soft, spongy tissue that can be cut with knife.

Gabe Mirkin, the man responsible for coining the acronym RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) -- a mnemonic for treatment of soft tissue injuries -- recanted his support for the regimen in 2014, saying that ice and complete rest may delay healing.

In Japanese the uvula, the little piece of soft tissue that hangs down at the entrance to your throat, is known as nodo chinko, or "throat penis"

Penile ossification, a process by which calcium salts build up in soft tissue, causing it to harden and form extraskeletal bone in the human penis.

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A severe spinal cord injury can stimulate the growth of bone in soft tissue where bone normally shouldn't grow, a condition called heterotopic ossification.

Before the establishment of the Mammoth Museum in Russia's Far East, almost all the animal fossil, found in Yakutia, were being moved to the institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. 75% of the world's known mammoth graves with preserved soft tissues were found in Yakutia

Fingerprints are some of the last soft tissue to decompose.

There is a creature called electric flame scallop, disco scallop, electric clam and disco clam. The clam has been given these nicknames because its soft tissues flash light like a disco ball. It is the only bivalve known to have light displays.

The "chondria" in hypochondria is Latin for cartilage -- "hypochondria" was a term that referred to the soft tissues beneath the ribs

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In 2005, paleontologist Dr Mary Schweitzer discovered red blood cells and soft tissue in the fossilized bones of a T-Rex, meaning dinosaur cloning may become a reality someday.

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