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Soft serve ice cream became popular after Tom Carvel's ice cream truck got a flat tire. He started serving the melting ice cream to vacationers. Two years later he opened his first soft serve ice cream shop at the same site where his truck broke down.

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According to a 2008 survey of infant and toddler feeding habits, some babies are served soft drinks daily as early as 9 months of age. The same survey found that by 24 months, more than 10 percent of toddlers were drinking soda every single day.

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  1. Tom Carvel began selling ice cream out of his truck in 1929. One day he had a flat tire, so he pulled over and began selling his melting ice cream to vacationers driving by. They enjoyed the softer version more than the fully frozen dessert, and the Carvel soft-serve business was born.

  2. Flight attendants hate serving Diet Coke because at the high altitude it takes up to three times longer for its fizz to settle than for other soft drinks.

  3. McDonald's was originally "McDonald's Bar-B-Que" until they realized that its main profit came from hamburgers, then they closed the place for 2 months and changed the food they served to just hamburgers, french fries, shakes, soft drinks, and apple pie, and also made the idea of fast food.

  4. Unusual feet and flap of skin serve as a parachute which facilitates movement through the air. Soft, disc-like pads ensure gentle landing. Wallace flying frog also uses large pads to stick to the surface of trees.

  5. Hermit crab has soft, asymmetrical abdomen, 10 legs and 2 large claws. Left claw is larger and it serves as a weapon against predators such as cuttlefish, squid, octopus and different types of fish.

  6. Doses of caffeine equivalent to the amount normally found in standard servings of tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks appear to have no diuretic action.

  7. Soft serve ice cream exists because of a flat tire.

  8. During the late 1940s, future UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher worked as a chemist for food manufacturer J. Lyons and Co. Her political opponents said that by "inventing" soft serve ice cream, Thatcher "added air, lowered quality and raised profits", used as a metaphor for her later policies.

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Margaret Thatcher invented 'soft-serve' Ice Cream

The soft drink "7-Up" got its name from the fact that it required 7 servings of citrus to survive a 60 day trip across the Atlantic Ocean. - source

Soft serve ice cream in Vermont is called a creemee.

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