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The Japanese Smoking paradox. The rate of lung cancer is lower in Japan than in the US despite a higher rate of smokers in Japan

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The fertilizer used by the Tobacco Industry is radioactive. The plant absorbs it and the smoker inhales it. It gets lodged in the lungs and over time contributes a huge radiation dose to the smoker and could be factor in lung cancer.

What does a smoker's lungs look like?

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  1. .. There is not a single publicity photo of Walt Disney with a cigarette in his hand, even though he was an extremely heavy smoker and died of lung cancer.

  2. One of the most radioactive things on earth is a smokers lungs. Smoking a pack-and-a-half every day exposes a smoker to a dose of Polonium radiation equivalent to 300 chest X-rays a year.

  3. Tobacco leaves used in making cigarettes contain radioactive material and are thought to be one of the key factors in lung cancer among smokers.

  4. Lung cancer in young people (50 or younger) is actually more common in non-smokers than in smokers, and is instead linked mainly to genetics.

  5. A smokers lungs receives the same amount of radiation as spending a year on the international space station

  6. Smoking cessation advocates in Thailand made ink from the black deposits in smoker's lungs.

  7. Fewer than 10 percent of lifelong smokers will get lung cancer.

  8. Smokers' lungs recieve a radiation dose of 160mS a year, 3 times the radiation worker dose limit. This is due to tobacco containing lead-210 and polonium-210, both of which are radioactive carcinogens.

  9. If you are a smoker between 55 and 80 annual CT screening can cut your risk of dying from lung cancer by 20% -- and most insurances will pay for it.

  10. In 1983, smoker Rose Cipollone filed a lawsuit against three cigarette companies. She died of lung cancer in 1984, but the trial continued, and The Liggett Group was found liable for $400,000 in damages, but the decision was reversed on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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A smokers lungs receive more radiation than a person standing in Chernobyl for an hour. - source

For non-smoker men in the US, "the chance of dying from heart disease exceeds the chances of dying from lung, colon, and prostate cancers combined" - source

Smoker's Lungs Can Experience More Radiation than the Current Radiation in Chernobyl.

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Smokers' lungs are exposed to more ionising radiation than Astronauts are exposed to in space

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The people who exposed most ionizing radiation is not an astronaut, but a smokers' lungs

The lungs of an average smoker receives around 160000 mSv worth of radiation each year from tobacco smoke. In comparison a dental x-ray is 0.01 mSv. That's like giving your lungs 43835 x-rays each day for a whole year.

Smoking is linked to more than just lung cancer: it also is linked to colon cancer, with smokers who get colon cancer more likely to die from the disease.

More than 85% of radon-induced lung cancer deaths are amongst smokers, reduction of smoking prevalence is the most promising route for reducing radon-induced lung cancer.

Evarts Ambrose Graham - The man who correlated smoking with lung cancer, was a smoker and a skeptic until his evidence was irrefutable. He gave up smoking, but it was too late and he eventually died from lung cancer.

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Mixing ginger, turmeric, onion, water, and sugar can help smokers clean their lungs

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