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After Sitting Bull was released from prison, he joined the Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show making $50 per week for riding once around the arena. Quickly getting annoyed with the audience, he quit and returned to his people saying "I would rather die an Indian than live a white man."

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When Sitting Bull was touring with Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, he was so impressed with Annie Oakley's shooting abilities and charmed by her character that he gave her the name "Little Sure Shot" and symbolically adopted her as his daughter.

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  1. In 1883 Sitting Bull made a speech in Sioux, not English, to US officials, generals, and railroad barons that began: "I hate all the White people, you are thieves and liars," and got worse from there. He would stop periodically to smile and bow, and the audience applauded enthusiastically.

  2. The chief claimed to have had a vision where grasshoppers died in great numbers outside of a Lakota camp. After the Indian victory at Little Big Horn, more Cheyenne and Lakota warriors joined Sitting Bull's camp, believing that the vision had come true.

  3. Sitting Bull was the leader of the Hunkpapa band of Lakota.

  4. Sitting Bull was killed on December 15, 1890 when federal officers attempted to arrest him for planning to leave the reservation and for taking part in the Ghost Dance movement. A struggle ensued with Sitting Bull, several of his supporters, and some federal officers dying in a shootout.

  5. In 1884 Annie Oakley met Sitting Bull - the Native American leader and icon. He was so impressed with Annie's talent that he gave her the name "Little Sure Shot" and "adopted" her.

  6. Australian WWII Coastwatchers were code-named "Ferdinand" after a bull from a famous children's story - just as Ferdinand the bull only wanted to sit and smell flowers, it was the job of the "Ferdinands" to sit and gather information inconspicuously

  7. After evading the Army for quite some time, Sitting Bull surrendered on July 19, 1881.

  8. Sitting Bull led his band off the reservation in 1876 and then augmented their numbers by inviting Indians from other bands and even tribes to join their effort. He eventually assembled a moving community of about 10,000.

  9. The Nokota, preserved by the Kuntz brothers, the last breed of some 100 horses believed to be the only descendents of the horses of Sitting Bull and the Lakota.

  10. Sitting Bull's original grave is located on the western edge of Fort Yates, North Dakota.

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Sitting Bull was arrested in 1890 for "Ghost Dancing," which he & his people performed in reaction to a failed farming plan that left the people starving.

Ekalaka, Montana was named after Sitting Bull's (famous Sioux Indian chief) daughter.

Sitting Bull was involved in Red Cloud's war from 1866-1868 for control of the Powder River Country in what is today Wyoming and Montana. Although Red Cloud agreed to end hostilities, Sitting Bull continued to attack U.S. outposts.

In Louisiana there is a Prison Rodeo where inmates compete in events such as convict poker, four inmates sit at a table playing poker and a bull is released into the arena to unseat the inmates, the last man remaining seated is the winner.

After spending more than two years in a military prison as a prisoner of war, Sitting Bull was allowed to tour in wild west shows for two years. He toured with Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill Cody, and other notable Indian leaders.

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His first known combat against the U.S. military came during the Dakota-U.S. War of 1862. Although that war was fought primarily in Minnesota, the military attacked some Sioux camps in the Dakotas, including one where Sitting Bull lived in July 1864.

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In 1874, the Black Hills were in the middle of Lakota territory but largely ignored by Americans and viewed by many as an obstruction on the way to California. When gold was discovered there in 1874, it led to renewed hostilities between the Lakota and the U.S.

Sitting Bull returned to the Standing Rock reservation in South Dakota, ostensibly to retire, but controversy followed him when he became associated with the Ghost Dance movement.

When President James Garfield was told that Chief Sitting Bull was starving in prison, he remarked "Let him starve." But then rescinded his statement, remarking: "Oh no, send him my oatmeal!"

The annual Angola Prison Rodeo, where inmates participate in events such as Convict Poker, a game where four "cowboys" sit in the middle of the arena playing poker while a bull is released, and the last man remaining sitting wins

The Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868 created the Great Sioux Reservation, which was essentially the western half of South Dakota.

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Buffalo Bill Cody had been called to intervene at Wounded Knee and to talk with his old friend, Sitting Bull, but he was stopped by the agent, James McLaughlin. It is possible that Cody could have defused the situation and prevented the massacre.

Sitting Bull was actually born Jumping Badger. He was named after his father when completed a successful raid on some Crow Indians when he was a teenager. The name was slightly amended, though, and became 'sitting Bull."

Sitting Bull was killed by his own people

The Nokota breed is the state horse. This breed descends from the Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull's war ponies.

Frank T. Hopkins, the man of which the movie Hidalgo (2004) was based on, most likely never met Sitting bull, worked for the Wild West Show, nor raced in Arabia.

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In Greek mythology, icarus' father, Daedalus helped a woman have sex with a bull by carving a hollow cow statue for her to sit in

Red Tomahawk, one of the 2 men who killed Sitting Bull, gave his priceless war eagle feathers bonnet to Queen Marie of Romania in 1926, making her a sister and chieftain of the Sioux. They gave her the name of 'Winyan Kipanki Win'.

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