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Beverly Hills sits atop an oil field with nearly 100 active wells, many disguised as buildings, producing ~1 million barrels/year

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Not all historical weather vanes had roosters. St Peter upon Cornhill in London, England has a key and a gridiron sits atop St. Lawrence Jewry.

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  1. A snow pillow snow gauge looks just like a round bag on the ground. It is commonly filled with antifreeze. Snow pillows are connected to manometers. The manometer is able to detect how much snow sits atop the snow pillow. Although the snow pillow is effective and accurate in many locations it will not provide very accurate results if the snow is blowing a lot.

  2. The Statue of Freedom, which sits atop the U.S. Capital building, was assembled by a slave.

  3. The "Statue of Freedom," the statue which sits atop the U.S. Capitol, was cast by a slave named Phillip Reid.

  4. Sitting atop the second tallest building in the world is a 5 story tall, 1000 ton electromagnetic magnet which keeps the building from swinging, which at 2073 feet, could be fast and far enough to make you sick.

  5. The personification of America was initially a female named after the historical and poetic name of the United States: Columbia. She was later replaced by Uncle Sam, with many of her iconic characteristics adapted to The Statue of Freedom, which sits atop the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

  6. In 1971 Bob Addis earned the unofficial world's record for stalagmite sitting, sitting nearly 16 days atop a stalagmite in a West Virginia cavern. Before the cavern was opened for tourism, farmers used to chuck trash and animal carcasses down the long vertical drop entrance.

  7. Ghengis Khan sits atop the tallest equestrian statue in the world

  8. Many reptiles and amphibians have three eyes. The parietal eye sits atop the head and senses changes in light.

  9. Cameron Diaz sits atop of the list of actresses whose movies have made the most money at the worldwide box office, followed by Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter.

  10. The world's largest Ferris wheel sits atop the 1,480 foot Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China

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Kurt, a doberman, was the first to be buried in what would become the war dog cemetery and he is the dog depicted in bronze sitting quiet but alert atop the World War II War Dog Memorial. Kurt died fighting with the US Marine Corps against Japanese forces on Guam 1944.

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