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Sir Ian McKellen broke down on the set of the Hobbit, announcing “This is not why I became an actor.”, due to filming the entire movie alone with the dwarves edited in afterwards.

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Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen never played chess in their life until the movie X-Men required them to do so. A chess master came in to teach them.

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  1. While on the set of The Hobbit, Sir Ian McKellen E-Mailed Martin Freeman erotic fan-art depicting Sherlock and Watson.

  2. Sir Ian McKellen broke down and cried as a result of all the green screen acting required when filming 'The Hobbit'

  3. Sir Ian McKellen was born at the start of WWII with the war having a lasting impact on him in his young age - "only after peace resumed ... did I realise that war wasn't normal"

  4. Sir Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry saved a Southampton pub called "The Hobbit" from having to change its name after being threatened with legal action based on the accusations that the pub was committing copyright infringement.

  5. There is a new Sherlock Holmes movie coming out with Sir Ian McKellen in the titular role

  6. Sir Ian McKellen owns a pub in London called The Grapes and personally runs quizzo games there from time to time.

  7. Sir Ian McKellen turned down the role of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series due to the late Richard Harris labeling him as 'passionless'

  8. The line “ You shall not pass!” said by Sir Ian Mckellen in the lord of the rings was actually written by Tolkien as “you can not pass!” He still regrets messing the line up

  9. The only Shakespeare piece we have in his own handwriting is a pro-immigration speech. Here's Sir Ian Mckellan reciting it.

  10. In 1979, when David Schwimmer was 12 or 13, he went to a Shakespeare workshop given by Sir Ian McKellen in Los Angeles. He described the workshop as 'riveting' and it ended up being a catalyst for him to pursue acting seriously.

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Sir Ian McKellen officiated Sir Patrick Stewart's wedding to Sunny Ozell

Sir Ian McKellen owns a pub in London that Charles Dickens use to visit and even wrote about. - source

Richard Harris(Original Dumbledore) thought Sir Ian Mckellen was a dreadful actor and this was the primary reason for Mckellen not taking the role after Harris' death.

The Tim Curry played Amadeus on Broadway with Sir Ian Mckellen as Salieri - source

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Sir Ian McKellen turned down the role of Dumbledore

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Sir Ian McKellen almost turned down Knighthood.

Sir Christopher Lee was not just the only cast member of Lord of The Rings to meet Tolkien but his cousin was also Ian Fleming, he witnessed the last public execution by guillotine in France, was a Nazi hunter in WW2 and realised a metal album at age 90... AND practiced black magic.

Sir Ian McKellen could not properly cry onstage until he came out as a homosexual at age 49.

Sumos wrestlers do not retract their testicles inside their bodies. The myth was popularized by Sir Ian Fleming's Bond novel "You Only Live Twice".

Sir Ian McKellen isn’t actually a wizard.

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Sir Ian Mckellen was a guest feature on a Scissor Sisters song

Sir Ian McKellen turned down Dumbledore role after Richard Harris' death because Richard did not rate Sir Ian as an actor.

Sir Ian McKellen became an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church so he could officiate Stewart’s wedding in 2013.

Sir Ian McKellen was evicted by Taylor Swift while staying in New York City

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