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A 2005 study taught capuchin monkeys the value of money using small silver coins. During one experiment, a monkey was observed trading a coin for sex. The monkey who received the coin promptly traded it for a grape.

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The Australian Mint produced a "Han Solo in carbonite" 1 oz. silver coin.

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  1. There is a silver coin with Superman on the heads side that is legal tender in Canada.

  2. Why coins have ridges on the sides... Criminals in the 1700s saw they could make a good profit by filing shavings from the sides of gold and silver coins. Today’s coins contain no precious metals but, you’ll still find those ridges to make them distinguishable for visually impaired people.

  3. Electrum is the alloy of silver and gold, and humanity's first metal coins were made out of it.

  4. A US treasure hunter found over $500M worth in gold and silver from Peru sunk in the Atlantic ocean. A legal fight forced them to return the booty to Spain. Some of the coins reportedly found are still "missing".

  5. In the 1800's, sewer-hunters scavenged the London sewers for bones, fragments of rope, miscellaneous bits of metal, silver cutlery, and coins. Paradoxically, the men were strong, robust and even florid in complexion, often surprisingly long-lived–thanks to their strengthened immune systems

  6. The only compensation a Pope receives is three bags. Each bag with gold, silver, and copper euros, is filled with an amount of coins representing the number of years served by the Pope. The Pope is paid once he is dead and the bags are placed beside the body inside of the casket.

  7. The reason you find so many 1964 nickels is that people thought that was the last year they contained silver so people hoarded them. The mints struck more coins to make up for the shortage. In reality, they were just made of nickel.

  8. Babylonian women had to, by law, consort with 1 stranger who threw a silver coin into their lap while they sat in the "District of Venus". As Babylonian women were usually tall and beautiful, some uglier women had to wait up to 4 years for their coin, before returning home.

  9. The dollar symbol ($) originates from the engraving of a banner wrapped around a pillar in the Spanish silver coin.

  10. A pound coin (£) originally weighed one troy pound of sterling silver, giving the currency the name "pound sterling".

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silver coins fact data chart about A Look at Reddit's Gilding Changes: Number of Gold and Silve
A Look at Reddit's Gilding Changes: Number of Gold and Silver Given Per Platinum vs The Reddit Coins Cost Ratio (1 Plat:3.6 Gold:18 Silver).

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Coins made of silver are believed by Christians to be the bribe price paid to Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus.

Isaac Newton was responsible for the ridges on the edge of coins. As an exchequer for the Royal Mint, he invented reeding (or creating ridges) on the edge of coins to prevent unscrupulous people from trimming the silver off of them before using them as currency. - source

During the Roman Republic and early Empire the Romans were able to achieve 98% silver purity in their coins - source

The highest price ever paid for a coin was $10,016,876 in 2013 for a silver $1 coin from 1794, one of the first dollar coins minted in the U.S. following the Coinage Act of 1792.

Quarters have ridges (and pennies don't), because the us mint only put ridges on coins that contained valuable metals like gold and silver - source

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It has been estimated that Scrooge McDuck is worth 27 Trillion dollars. This is calculated from information by the creator who said McDuck's "money bin" is three cubic acres. Figure in the size of a gold or silver coin get the idea.

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Certain metals (e.g., copper and silver) are capable of self-sanitizing - pioneers would even drop silver coins in water to help keep it fresh!

The reason some coins have ridges is to prevent counterfeiting and coin clipping, filing around the edges to steal gold or silver filings off coins.

The lowest denomination of Mexican currency is the 10-centavo coin, a very small silver coin that is rarely used. But for the Bank of México, it costs 19 centavos to produce

In the 19th century Latin Monetary Union of France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and Greece, where member nations had defined amounts of gold and silver in their coins, Greece lied by decreasing the amount of gold in their coins and got kicked out in 1908.

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The word dollar stems from the German word "daler" short for Joachimstaler, referring to a coin from the silver mines of Joachimstal.

Throughout history, silver has been used in coin making, jewelry, adornments, mirrors and photo-optics, musical instruments, dentistry and medications, photography, and more.

The denarius was a small silver roman coin that was so called because it was worth 10 asses. (deni = containing ten). It is the origin of the currency dinar, and the Italian (denaro), Portuguese (dinheiro) and Spanish (dinero) words for money.

The pope gets paid for being the pope, but not when they are alive though. Three bags containing gold, silver, and copper coins are placed in the coffin beside the body of a dead pope. Each bag contains one coin for each year in his reign.

About the Lydian stater, which was the official currency of the Lydian empire and the first coinage ever minted. First cast around 600 b.c. from Electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, they are some of the rarest coins on earth.

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The term 'dollar' comes from a silver coin used throughout Europe for almost four hundred years called the 'thaler'

In the Early 1960s, Rare Silver Dollar Coins Were Redeemed at Face Value by the U.S. Mint.

The Chinese 1 Yuan silver coin that circulated from 1914-1921 was known as "Fat Man Dollar"

The first use of coins as money dates back to 600 B.C. where the Lydians minted gold and silver as commodity money coins.

Until 1968, the Canadian $1 coin was composed of 80% silver. Only two of the 1911 silver dollar remain, one in a museum, the other in private hands, and recently auctioned for $1.4 million

The Lafayette dollar, a silver coin that was issued as part of the U.S. participation at the 1900 Paris World's Fair. The coin design shows Lafayette with George Washington.

Ancient Romans used a plant called Silphium as a natural contraceptive. It was so valuable that images of the plant and its seed were printed on silver coins. Historians theorize that the shape of the silphium seed pod is where our modern heart symbol came from.

The UK once had a US style 'quarter' - a 25p coin which is still considered legal tender. The special Five-Shilling Crowns were struck in the 70's and 80's to commemorate the Queens Silver Wedding, the Silver Jubilee, the Queen Mothers 80th and the Royal Wedding.

The hideously ugly 1794/5 Flowing Hair silver dollar is not only the most valuable coin ($10 mil) in history, it is also the first dollar coin ever minted by the US Federal Government.

Post 1946 Australian silver coins were only 50% Silver because silver was used to reduce the debt from war

Niue issues a range of gold and silver coins decorated with Star Wars Characters.

You can find silver coins in your change(my video)

James "Honest Dick" Tate who served as Kentucky State Treasurer for over 20 years. In an ironic turn of events, he filled two tobacco sacks with $100,000 in silver and gold coins, left a note saying he was going to Louisville, and was never seen away from again.

The common ancestor of "dollar" is the "taler", a series of silver coins minted in Germany in the 1500s. Count Hieronymus Schlick of Bohemia coined the term Joachimsthaler after the place where the silver was mined in what is now the Czech Republic.

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