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Brushing your teeth can significantly reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

how can the problem of corruption be significantly reduced in nigeria?

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has been reduced significantly since parents have been putting babies to sleep on their backs only.

What pollutant is significantly reduced by the use of scrubbers?

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what pollutant is significantly reduced through the use of scrubbers?

  1. Hydrophobia is a symptom of rabies likely because the infected animal's ability to transmit the virus would reduce significantly if it could swallow saliva and water

  2. Looking at an aquarium for 10 minutes delivers "significant health benefits" such as improving people's mood, reduced heart rates and blood pressure.

  3. The largest study ever conducted on long-term recreational LSD use found that it actually significantly reduced the risk of mental illness.

  4. Your absorption of plant-based iron can be significantly reduced by tea(62%) and coffee(35%)

  5. The USN has a special facility in WA that degausses (de-magnetize) its ships and subs with extremely powerful DC currents. This significantly reduces the boat's detectabilty by underwater sensing cables, protects it from magnetically-triggered mines, and allows its compass to function (see PIC).

  6. OX513A: a genetically modified mosquito that is made infertile that has successfully reduced mosquito populations significantly in a number of trials.

  7. Eating a handful of peanuts per day can significantly reduce risk of dying from a number of causes

  8. Ferret has been introduced to New Zealand during the 19th century to reduce population of rabbits. Unfortunately, ferrets soon switched to the ground nesting birds and they still pose significant threat for the survival of many native species of birds.

  9. By introducing simple checklists outlining the steps needed to perform even the most basic medical procedures, hospitals have significantly reduced the occurrences of some of the most common and dangerous complications of inpatient medical treatment

  10. When a group of researchers were comparing various medications to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, they used common Benadryl (diphenhydramine) as a control group. To their surprise, Benadryl actually showed a significant effect in reducing OCD symptoms.

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What can gamma radiation be significantly reduced by?

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significantly reduces fact data chart about My HRV after adopting a meditation practice and significantl
My HRV after adopting a meditation practice and significantly altering my office environment to reduce stress.

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The Japanese 'Forest Bathing' tradition has significant therapeutic effects, reducing anxiety and lowering blood pressure; as confirmed by scientific research

Although people who are moderately active burn 200 calories a day more than couch potatoes, people with the most intensely active lives burn no more calories a day than those who are moderately active. The only way to significantly reduce weight is to cut back on food-calorie intake - source

Viagra can significantly reduce risk of heart attack, heart disease, and all cause mortality - source

Carrotwood can produce significant damage in the newly conquered areas. It easily outcompetes native species of plants, prevents normal nesting of birds and reduces number of nursery areas of crabs and other invertebrates.

You need to ejaculate at least 21 times a month to significantly reduce your chances of prostate cancer. - source

What happens when you significantly reduce calories?

The Ketogenic diet has significant benefits for people with epilepsy, reducing frequency by at least a half.

In 2011, Mithoefer et al. made a study about MDMA- assisted Psychotherapy, which reduced Symptoms in PTSD Patients significantly.

President Bush recommended a significant regulatory overhaul of the housing finance industry in 2003, but many Democrats opposed his plan, fearing that tighter regulation could greatly reduce financing for low-income housing.

The Canadian province of Ontario banned pit bulls in an effort to reduce dog bites. Pit bull bites dropped significantly, while the total number of dog bites hit new records.

There is a scientific consensus that coffee significantly reduces your all cause mortality risk.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is stated in that order because each one is significantly better for the environment than the previous.

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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP. An FDA approved drug treatment that if taken correctly, can significantly reduce your risk of getting infected with the HIV virus.

Peppermint Oil May Be Just As Effective In Treating Headaches As Acetaminophen. "The effectiveness of topical peppermint oil and acetaminophen on 164 headaches in 41 patients found that a 10% peppermint oil preparation significantly reduced headache intensity after 15 minutes."

Air pollution from road transport in the UK significantly harms health and is estimated to have an effect equivalent to 29,000 deaths and is also expected to reduce life expectancy by 6 months on average.

Spot fat removal is not entirely a myth: Helios, an injectable illicit drug, is known amongst bodybuilders for being able to break down body fat at the site of injection, significantly reducing body fat around the area if the drug is continuously injected at the same site for a long time.

Cognition of external sound is significantly reduced when the same syllable is simultaneously said in your head using inner speech.

In the last 20 years global poverty has been reduced by 50% and is dropping. Also the gap between extreme poverty and extreme wealth has closed significantly since 1975.

Sightings of wolves in Denali and Yellowstone National Parks were significantly reduced by as much as 45 percent from trapping and hunting

According to WHO’s latest World malaria report, no significant gains were made in reducing malaria cases in the period 2015 to 2017. April 25th is World Malaris Day 2019 - raise awareness

Psilocybin intake in patients with Depression can reduce the depressive sympthoms when the patients trie to relive positive life Events. Even after 2 weeks of the Trial the patients reported a significant improved well beeing.

Blue light signals your body to stay awake, by suppressing melatonin production. Because of this, reducing exposure to blue light before bedtime significantly improves sleep quality.

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