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Princess Diana, on live TV, shook the hand of an AIDS patient without wearing gloves, challenging the belief that AIDS could be passed via contact. The act was seen as a huge moment for those suffering with the disease.

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52 days before his death Elvis Presley while stopped at a red light saw two men beating a teenager lying on the ground and quickly got out of his car and into a karate pose and said "I'll take you two on" The fight stopped instantly and the stunned men shook his hand.

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  1. On January 1, 1907 Theodore Roosevelt shook the hands of 8,510 people, setting a world record he held for over 70 years.

  2. In 2014, a Spanish 20-year-old university student forged police and secret service documents, infiltrated the king’s coronation ceremony, shook his hand, and then impersonated a government adviser to broker a lucrative business deal.

  3. Ely S. Parker, a Native American who wrote the final draft of the Confederate Surrender. At the time of surrender, General Lee extended his hand and said, 'I am glad to see one real American here.' Parker shook his hand and said, 'We are all Americans.'

  4. Steve Jobs was adopted and had met his biological father years before discovering they were actually related. His father, Abdulfattah Jandali, was a Syrian immigrant who owned a restaurant in Silicon Valley which Jobs had frequented; they even shook hands once.

  5. Bill Haley, who recorded the most famous version of "Rock Around the Clock," sold tens of millions of records, toured the world, shook hands with the Queen of England, yet died a paranoid, delusional alcoholic at age 55.

  6. During the First Matabele War 34 british patrolmen held off 3000 Matabele warriors until they ran out of ammo where upon the remaining men got up, shook each other’s hand and sang “God Save The Queen” before being finished off by the Matabele.

  7. When Mona Simpson met her biological father, Abdulfattah John Jandali, he boasted that rich people sometimes came into his restaurant, "even Steve Jobs," not knowing that Steve Jobs was his biological son. They even shook hands, both unaware of this fact until later.

  8. Theodore Livingston invented scratching at the age of 12 when he was mixing records and his mom came in to yell at him to turn it down. His hand, nervous, shook the record back and forth under the needle.

  9. The Ardenne Abbey massacre, in which an 20 Canadian Soldiers were shot by the 12th SS Division, not long after the Normandy Landings. It is said that as the prisoners realised what was happening, each prisoner shook hands with his comrades, before walking to the garden where they were shot.

  10. John Wayne Gacy was issued a special S Pin by the Secret Service after vetting him and then shook the hand of First Lady Eleanor Rosalynn Carter (As seen in the bottom two pictures, one color).

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Steve Jobs was adopted and unknowingly met and shook hands with his biological father several times.

In 1914 during WW1 a Christmas Truce was called between Allied and German forces. They emerged from their trenches and shook hands, exchanged gifts, and even sang carols together before returning to battle against each other the following day. - source

During the Brisbane G20 summit, when Putin shook the Canadian Prime Minister's hand, the latter said "I guess I'll shake your hand, but I have only one thing to say to you. You need to get out of Ukraine." - source

After the 2002 Coupe de France, prankster Rémi Gaillard got through security to celebrate the victory with FC Lorient. Gaillard was able to get interviewed on the pitch, shook President Chirac's hand, and autographed soccer balls as "whoever"

Ronald Mcdonald led out Manchester United and Real Madrid players and even shook hands before the match. - source

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Hitler was slightly less evil than everyone thinks - he did not snub Jesse Owens as was widely reported, but actually shook his hand and congratulated him

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TIL during the Crimean War, a British Captain cut off the arm of a Russian soldier during combat, later found him at a POW camp, the Russian called out to him, shook his hand, and laughed with the Captain that had cut his hand off. [13:15 for combat description, 15:30 for reunion]

About The Christmas Truce of 1914, where both German Soldiers and British Soldiers shook hands, sang carols and smoked cigarettes during WWI

Princess Diana opened the UK's first HIV/Aids Clinic. She shook hands with a patient, without gloves, in front of the world's media. This helped change public perception that HIV/Aids was transmitted by touch.

Hitler actually shook hands with Jesse Owens and congratulated him while Roosevelt refused to receive him fearing of reaction in the Southern part of the US.

On July 29th, 1918, at a luncheon, the British Minister of Munitions briefly met and shook-hands with the American Assistant Secretary of the Navy. There names were Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. Churchill would later joke he had no memory of ever meeting FDR.

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