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One of Hitler's personal aides, Fritz Darges was fired and sent to the eastern front for refusing to swat a fly for Hitler, instead suggesting as it was airborne it was the Luftwaffe's job. He later became a car salesman.

how was war on the western and eastern fronts different how was it the same?

That, during WWII, the Russians used a biplane on the Eastern Front that was so slow, German planes couldn't target it without potentially stalling.

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  1. An unfortunate Korean was forced to fight for the Japanese, captured by the Russians and forced to fight on the Eastern Front where he was captured again by the Germans and forced to fight on the Western front where he was finally captured by the American Army.

  2. More people died fighting on the Eastern Front than in all other fighting across the globe during World War II.

  3. The Soviet tenor Victor Ivanovich Nikitin was so good, that when he sang to the Soviet troops at the Eastern front in WWII, German troops on the other side stopped shooting to listen to him.

  4. Tanks are called tanks because, when they were introduced in WWI, the British were trying to fool the Germans into thinking the weapons were water carriers for the Middle Eastern front of the war.

  5. The character of Lois Lane was based on pioneering investigative journalist Nellie Bly, known for her undercover exposé as an inmate of a mental institution in 1887. She also reported on Europe's Eastern Front during World War I and took a trip around the world in a record-breaking 72 days.

  6. Almost 80% of German casualties in World War II took place in Eastern Front

  7. During the Battle of Stalingrad, the Russian army would project audio propaganda to demoralize German forces, including a "Death Tango" and a female voice saying "Every 7 seconds, a German soldier dies on the Eastern Front." followed by a clock's ticking noise.

  8. Semyon Budyonny, a Russian cavalry commander during WW2 stated 'the tank will never replace the horse'. Later, his 1.5 million force was encircled and was decisively defeated, the largest encirclement in history. He was stripped of his command in the Eastern Front afterwards by Stalin.

  9. Moltke was blamed by many in the German high command for losing the battle. Some say he didn"t faithfully follow the Schlieffen Plan and diverted too many troops from the Western to the Eastern Front.

  10. Nellie Bly eventually returned to reporting. She became the first woman to report from the Eastern Front during the Second World War.

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Why was germany able to achieve victories on the eastern front?

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Ceasefires also took place to a lesser extent on the Eastern Front. Austrian officers often initiated those ceasefires, which were reciprocated by the Russians.

Karl Schwarzchild, who theorised the Schwarzchild radius of an object (radius at which an object collapses into a black hole) and devised the equations to calculate this value, did so while fighting on the Eastern Front of World War 1. He died during the war. - source

Operation Barbarossa established the policy of brutality by both the Soviets and the Axis powers on the Eastern Front. The murder of POWs became common, with reprisals then becoming just as common.

Italo Gariboldi was the commander of the Italian forces at Stalingrad. He had fought in campaigns in North Africa and on the Eastern Front before Stalingrad and returned to Italy to fight the western Allies after Stalingrad.

Had it not been for Germany wanting to take of pressure from the eastern front 1917 through inciting rebellion in Russia, Vladimir Lenin wouldn't have been shipped all the way from Switzerland to Petrograd by the german government, where he proceeded to form the Soviet Union as we knew it. - source

A turning point on the eastern front came when?

Finally, non-mechanized infantry, and on the Eastern Front and in North Africa, non-German Axis infantry units would mop up residual enemy units and occupy enemy cities and airfields.

How did war progress on the western and eastern fronts?

Léon Degrelle was perhaps one of the most famous Waffen volunteers. He was a Walloon (French speaking Belgian) who fought on the Eastern Front for most of the war.

Once the weather began playing a role on the Eastern Front and the element of surprise was lost, blitzkrieg was no longer a factor against the Soviets.

More people died on the eastern front in World War 2 than died over the entire course of World War 1

Eastern cottontail has large eyes, long ears, short front legs, long hind legs and large feet whose soles are covered with fur. Body ends with small, fluffy tail, which resembles a cotton ball, hence the name - cottontail.

The Einsatzgruppen, or 'special task forces," were SS deaths squads that followed the advancing Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front, killing communist, Jews, and other enemies of the Nazi regime in the process.

When did the eastern front start?

Due to his victory at Tannenberg, as well as other victories in eastern Europe, Hindenburg was made the commander of all Central Powers armies on the Eastern Front on July 29, 1916

Bela Lugosi was a WWI veteran and fought for Austria-Hungary in the Eastern front

In 1941 Imperial Japan began a massive buildup to attack the Soviet Union that got cancelled because of US sanctions. If they attacked, Germany might have won the war on the Eastern Front.

Mildred Gillars was an American in love with a German man. After her lover was killed on the Eastern Front, she began working for the Nazis, spreading propaganda by radio under the name "Axis Sally." After the war, she was convicted of treason.

Michael Wittmann Nazi tank commander, was credited with the destruction of 138 tanks and 132 anti-tank guns, along with an unknown number of other armoured vehicles. He accomplished half of this over a 3 week period on the eastern front.

How did the war differ on the western and eastern fronts?

Soviet aviators flying the P-39 Airacobra Scored more kills on the Eastern Front in WWII than any other nation, Including the US, using any other US aircraft, in any conflict since.

Friedrich Jeckeln, an SS and Police Leader of the Einsatzgruppen in the Eastern Front. He developed his own methods to kill large numbers of people, which became known as the "Jeckeln System" and which was implemented in the murder of 25,000 Jews during the Rumbula massacre.

As a result of Liege, Ludendorff was promoted to General Paul von Hindenburg's chief of staff on the Eastern Front.

The British-French offensive was supposed to take place with Allied offensives on the Eastern and Italian fronts.

The predecessor of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) was the Gehlen Organization, led by Reinhard Gehlen, head of the Nazi German military intelligence in the Eastern Front during World War II and later on first president of the BND.

The Eastern Front alone was still the bloodiest conflict in human history.

Heinz Hitler, who was Adolf Hitler’s nephew, supporter of the Nazi regime, served in Wehrmacht and was captured at the Eastern Front and was tortured to death in Soviet prison in 1942

The Bolshevik revolution was seeded by Arthur Zimmerman (of USA telegram fame) in order to get Russia out of WW1 and free up Germany's eastern front.

During WWII German and Russian forces used high-explosive bullets on the Eastern Front.

Muammar Gaddafi spoke in front of the Arab League about the killings of Middle Eastern Leaders. He stated, " In the future it will be your turn, too." & while Syria's Assad looks on laughing.

A division of 47,000+ Spaniards, fighting alongside the Germans on the Eastern front, helped prolong the Siege of Leningrad for another year by holding their ground against an attack by a Russian force that was seven times larger and supported by tanks.

The Free French Air Force, was the only Air Force to serve together with the Soviets on the Eastern Front.

Operation Little Saturn was a Red Army operation on the Eastern Front of World War II that led to battles in the North Caucasus and Donets Basin regions of the Soviet Union from December 1942 to February 1943 such as Kursk and the Third Battle of Kharkov.

In 1924, a dog named "Pep" was given a life sentence to be fulfilled at The Eastern State Penitentiary. He was officially charged for killing the governor's wife's cat. He was, however, framed for this murder, in reality all he was guilty of was chewing the cushions on their front porch couch.

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