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Termites are being researched as a possible renewable energy source as they can produce up to 2 litres of hydrogen from ingesting a single sheet of paper, making them one of the planet's most efficient bioreactors.

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In Kenya, elephant poop is being used to make paper. Elephants poop up to 50kg a day which can produce 125 sheets of paper. This helps save the indigenous tree population and forest from being destroyed, along with creating a need for the 7000 elephants left in Kenya.

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  1. Stethoscope was invented when a 'gentleman' French doctor got too embarrassed to check the heartbeat of a female patient by tapping at her chest. So, he rolled up a sheet of paper to create a tube, and then placed it on her chest. The method worked, and stethoscope was invented.

  2. Obsidian can be made into a scalpel with a cutting edge of 3 nanometers. A strand of DNA is 2.5 nm, a sheet of paper 100,000 nm

  3. In Kenya, elephant poop is being used to make paper. Elephants poop up to 50 kg a day which can produce 125 sheets of paper.

  4. Toilet paper companies are increasing margins by 1) shrinking the size of each "square" 2) increasing the size of the tube 3) shrinking the width of the roll and 4) decreasing the number of sheets per roll, all to make up for other paper products' sales falling

  5. In World War II, British soldiers got a ration of three sheets of toilet paper a day. Americans got 22.

  6. In World War II, British soldiers were given a ration of only 3 sheets of toilet paper per day. American soldiers received 22.

  7. The standard-sized paper sheet in the western world (A4) is based on a factor of √2. The reason for this is so if you fold it lengthwise every time, it maintains the same length-to-width ratio, large or small.

  8. Two litres of hydrogen can be produced by termites from digesting a single sheet of paper which makes them one of the most efficient bio-reactor in the world.

  9. 25 sheets of copy paper are called a quire and 20 quires make up a ream

  10. On the Road was a book about his wild adventures while traveling across the country. Jack wrote the novel in one single sheet of paper that was 120 feet long. He wrote the manuscript in three weeks.

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It takes 1321 gallons of water to create 500 sheets of paper.

The first commercially packaged toilet paper was made in flat sheets medicated with aloe and was advertised as a treatment for hemorrhoids - source

Abraham Lincoln screwed up the first mass-distribution copy of the Gettysburg address, writing on both sides of the paper and making lithograph reproduction impossible. He had to write it out again on two sheets. - source

A map of the entire internet from 1973 was recently discovered in a box of papers that belonged to a Carnegie Mellon computer scientist. The whole map fit on one sheet of paper.

The inventor of the first commercially packaged toilet paper, Joseph Gayetty, was so proud of his invention that he printed his name on every sheet. - source

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You can legally purchase uncut sheets of paper currency (U.S.) from the Department of Treasury: Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

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Salvador Dali was ordered by court to sign 17,000 sheets of paper to settle lawsuit from unhappy customer

If you had a 1mm thick sheet of paper large enough that you could fold it 100 times its thickness would be greater than the size of the observable universe.

His first recorded experiment in electricity was the creation of a voltaic pile from copper coins, sheet zinc and paper dampened with salt water.

The USA has the lowest space requirement for its battery hens - less than 86 inchs sq, or smaller than a sheet of paper.

A rectangular sheet of paper when halved by folding?

US currency outside of the $100 bill is delivered to the BEP in brown paper-wrapped loads of 20,000 sheets.

When a man named Joseph Gayetty first invented toilet paper in 1857, he had his name printed on each of his sheets.

If you fold a sheet of normal paper 51 times, the wad would be taller than the distance between the Earth and the Sun

The Declaration of Independence was damaged in the 18th century when copies were made by placing a damp sheet of paper on the original document to soak up some of the ink that was then transferred to a copper plate that could make duplicates

In 1857, when Joseph Gayetty invented toilet paper, he had his name printed on each sheet.

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If you folded a sheet of paper 103 times, it would be thicker than the extent of our observable universe.

The Legend Of Zelda was planned on sheets of paper

The average tree can produce up to 20,000 sheets of paper.

When is A4 paper cut in half, the resulting sheets (A5) have the same proportions - ratio of height/width. That way printing can be scaled up or down for different size pages without changing the layout or appearance of the page. That ratio is roughly 1.41, and A0 has an area of 1m squared.

A package of 500 sheets of "20 pound" 8.5" x 11" paper weighs 5 pounds. That's because a 500 sheet ream of 17" x 22" paper weighs 20 pounds, and it's 1/4 of that.

Pi is found not only in circles, you can drop a pin on a sheet of paper with lines spaced the pins length. no matter how many times you drop it, it will bisect a line 2/pi times. (8:30s in)

Any shape with straight sides can be cut from a single sheet of paper just by folding it and making only one, single cut.

Under Robert Mugabe's rule of Zimbabwe in 2000 made the country experience a hyperinflation that was so bad that by 2006, prices rose to over 1000% that year. It would cost about 417 Zimbabwen dollars to buy one sheet of toilet paper

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On average, consumers use 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per wipe.

It takes around 3 gallons of water to make 1 sheet of paper

The world's largest banknote was issued by the Phillipines to celebrate a century of independence from Spanish rule. The size of a sheet of legal paper, the 100,000 peso note was sold for $3,700 to collectors

Distances in space are so vast they are difficult to imagine “Toilet Paper Sheets” are used as astronomical units to better help people understand how large things really are to scale. Sun to Earth 5.1 sheets =1AU

A sheet of paper can hold 3MB of data when properly encoded.

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