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There is such a thing as semi-identical twins, where one egg is fertilised by two sperm before dividing. Only two cases have ever been identified.

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There are semi-identical twins! Apparently, the rarest of humans, is the "semi-identical" twins, apparently a result on TWO sperm and one egg, that eventually splits, resulting in twins that share 100% of maternal genetic material and 78% of paternal genetic material. Fascinating!

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  1. In addition to fraternal & identical twins there is also the extremely rare semi-identical twins. The 2nd ever known occurrence, & the 1st known in utero, recently entered this world.

  2. There is a third type of ultra-rare twins called "Semi-identical" that were first discovered in 2007.

  3. About the only known case of "semi-identical" twins, the result of an egg that fused with two sperm and then split

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