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Kim Jong Il ordered the kidnap of South Korean filmmaker Shin Sang-ok and his wife to make movies for North Korea. They gained Kim's trust and allowed them to travel to Vienna, where they seeked asylum to US Embassy. Feared about their credibility, they secretly taped Kim's voice prior.

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Anne Frank's father attempted to seek asylum in the US.

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  1. Artist Frida Khalo and Leon Trotsky had an affair when he was living with her in Mexico seeking political asylum under Stalin.

  2. A Singaporean called Amos Yee was arrested and charged with "intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians" at the age of 16. Yee is now seeking political asylum in the US.

  3. The Chinese government operated an amusement park called "Splendid China" 6 miles from Disney World. One problem the park faced was Chinese performers would escape and seeking US political asylum. The park closed in 2003 and was abandoned/vandalized for 10 years before being demolished.

  4. In 2014 an Ethiopian Airlines copilot peacefully hijacked his own plane to seek asylum in Switzerland due to political oppression in Ethiopia.

  5. Kim Il Sung, North Korea’s first supreme leader, officially visited China 11 times between 1953 and 1991 as state leader, which remains an unusually high number of repeat visits for any foreign leader. He first entered China with his family when he was 14, seeking asylum during World War II

  6. Chinese doctor seeking asylum in Germany after revealing that "more than 10,000" Chinese athletes were taking performance enhancing drugs in the 1980s and 1990s as part of a systemic doping scandal by the country

  7. After playing a 2009 Football Match in Kenya, several Eritrean football players seeked asylum in the country to escspe the Dictatoral Regime in Eritrea. They were later granted asylum in Australia.


  9. Nine japanese communist militants hijacked a plane to seek asylum in North Korea. A lot of them then escaped the country or tried to.

  10. Aylan Kurdi, a 3 year old refugee who drowned seeking asylum, inspired the world’s first global database for non-profit services, and it’s in app format: Ref Aid (Refugee Aid)

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