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USMC Scout Sniper training includes having to move within 200 yards of an observation post and shoot at it twice without being spotted, the second shot with an indicator within 10 yards of the sniper. To pass the course you have to remain unseen at least twice.

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A real-life Rambo, a man who evaded thermal-imaging helicopters, armored vehicles, and nearly 1,000 police officers for 48 days after murdering a state trooper with a sniper rifle in northern Pennsylvania. The man, Eric Frein, learned his skills as an Eagle scout and war reenactor.

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  1. American sex therapist, media personality, and author Dr. Ruth was a trained Israeli scout and sniper.

  2. About William "Billy" Dixon, buffalo hunter and scout, ranked 14th on the list of longest confirmed sniper kills and one of only eight civilians to have won the Medal of Honor.

  3. Due to her diminutive height (4'7"), famed sex therapist Dr Ruth Westheimer was trained as a scout and a sniper by the Israeli military, and was seriously wounded during their war of independence.

  4. Some Marine Corps Scout Snipers used the Nazi SS Thunderbolts as a logo in Afghanistan in 2010

  5. Dr. Ruth, the sex therapist, was trained as a scout and sniper, she served in the Palestine War and was seriously wounded in action by an exploding shell.

  6. The US Marine Corps "ᛋᛋ" (SS) symbol stands Scout Snipers'

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