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Root beer and MDMA are both made from the sassafras tree

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The 'root' in root beer refers to the roots of the sassafras tree, an ingredient in early root beer recipes.

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  1. Sassafras can grow as tall shrub or tree. It can reach 20 to 60 feet (rarely 100 feet) in height and 25 to 39 feet in width. Crown is composed of slender, wide-spreading branches. Each part of the sassafras tree is aromatic.

  2. Sassafras produces three different types of leaves on the same tree: oval, mitten-shaped and three-lobed leaves. Leaves are smooth on the edges and intense green colored during the spring and summer. Color of the leaves changes to yellow, orange, red and purple before they fall from the tree during the autumn. Crushed leaves release citrus-like scent.

  3. Sassafras has green, smooth bark while the tree is young. Bark changes the color into orange-brown and becomes furrowed on the older trees.

  4. Root beer and MDMA are both made from sassafras tree oils

  5. White-tail deer eat leaves and twigs, brown bears, squirrels and beavers eat fruit, while rabbits eat bark of sassafras tree.

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