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Brazil's capital city is Brasilia and its largest city is Sao Paulo.

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Josef Mengele's bones are used to study Forensic Medicine at the University of Sao Paulo Brazil

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  1. The largest cities in South America include Sao Paulo, Buenos Aries, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Lima, Santiago, Caracas, Medellin, Belo Horizonte, and Cali.

  2. Sao Paulo, Brazil has a law called Cidade Limpe. It banned public advertising in 2005 and means clean city.

  3. Piero di Cosimo's most famous religious works include "Madonna and Child Enthroned with Sts Peter, John the Baptist, Dominic, and Nicholas of Bari" now at St. Louis Art Museum in Missouri, "The Visitation with Saints Nicholas and Anthony" now at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, 'st. Mary Magdalene" now at the Galleria Nazionale d"Arte Antica in Rome, 'st. John the Evangelist" now at the Honolulu Museum of Art, "Virgin with Child, St. John the Baptist and an Angel" now at the Sao Paulo Museum of Art in San Paulo, "The Adoration of the Christ Child" now at Galleria Borghese in Rome, "Immaculate Conception with Saints" now located in Uffizi, Florence, and "Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels" now located at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  4. A man named Denis Luiz de Souza has been living in the Sao Paulo Airport for the last fifteen years.

  5. There's a bar a Sao Paulo named after Osama bin Laden – and run by a Bin Laden lookalike.

  6. Sao Paulo effectuated a complete ban on Outdoor advertisements in 2007 as a response to an overwhelming and visually distracting agglomeration of signage.

  7. MMA fighter Ryan Gracie, of the famous Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu family, died at 33 from an overdose of psychiatric medication in his jail cell in Sao Paulo. He had been jailed for stealing and crashing a car and attempting but failing to hijack a motorcycle.

  8. In 2011 there was multi vehicle collision involving 300 cars in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Only 1 person died.

  9. Denis Luiz de Souza who has lived in the Sao Paulo airport for about the last 15 years after a family fight.

  10. The city of Sao Paulo passed a "Clean City Law" a decade ago banning outdoor advertisements. Over 300,000 ostentatious business signs, billboards, bus and taxi ads were taken down. Removing ads revealed civic issues, including hidden slums and unpainted architecture previously masked by adverts.

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sao paulo fact data chart about Inauguration of subway stations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, vs ele
Inauguration of subway stations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, vs electoral year.

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A rhino named Cacareado was actually voted to Sao Paulo city council in 1958 even though officials rejected his candidacy

Advertising is Illegal in Sao Paulo Brazil - source

In 1959, The city council election in Sao Paulo winner was Cacareco, a rhino at a local zoo. Its candidacy was traced back to students who had printed up 200,000 ballots with her name, and were all legitimately cast by voters, one of whom commented: "Better to elect a rhino than an ass." - source

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