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Salvador Dali made a painting for the prisoners at Rikers Island in NYC that hung in the prisoner dining room for 15 years, when it was moved to the prison lobby for 'safekeeping'. In 2003, three prison guards and a warden stole the painting.

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  1. A 10+ hour film version of Dune was almost produced with Salvador Dali as the Emperor, with art by HR Giger and music by Pink Floyd

  2. Salvador Dali owned a pet Ocelot named Babou

  3. Salvador Dali would avoid paying for expensive dinners with his friends by sketching on the back of checks. The Artist knew the restaurant owner would not cash in a valuable piece of art.

  4. Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated in 1946 to create 6 min master piece "Destino" the animation

  5. When Salvador Dali was recently exhumed to determine whether a fortune teller is his biological daughter, his moustache was still perfectly intact.

  6. Salvador Dali created a painting called "Hitler Masturbating". Nothing figurative about that title.

  7. Salvador Dali was known for his eccentric behavior, some of the things he did include filling a Rolls Royce Phantom 2 with 500kg of cauliflowers, and having a pet ocelot named Babou.

  8. Salvador Dali would avoid paying his tabs by drawing on the checks he wrote, making the checks a valuable piece of art.

  9. Salvador Dali would take micronaps by sitting in a chair holding a metal key above a plate. When he fell asleep, he'd drop the key and wake himself up.

  10. In 1971 there was a failed attempt to adapt Dune to film. It would have included Salvador Dali, Orson Welles, and Mick Jagger acting with music by Pink Floyd. Its failure caused the SFX head to go into a psychiatric hospital where he later wrote the script for "Alien".

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In 1945 Walt Disney and the surrealist Salvador Dali attempted to make a short film together.They never finished it, but in 1999 Roy E. Disney found the film (while making fantasia 2000) and completed it.

Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo. - source

The pattern on the moth, on The Silence of the Lambs poster, is actually 7 naked ladies from a Salvador Dali painting

Salvador Dali made a painting for Riker’s Island prison in New York, which was eventually moved away from inmates, only to be stolen by guards. - source

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A man stole a Salvador Dali painting in full view of security cameras in broad daylight, mailed it back to the museum a week later, and was only caught because he had shoplifted a juice bottle a year prior, allowing police to match his fingerprints on the package to those on the bottle.

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Salvador Dali was also known to avoid paying tabs at restaurants by drawing on the checks he wrote as he had a theory that the restaurant would never want to cash such a valuable piece of art.

When Salvador Dali was asked if he did drugs, he said "I don't do drugs... I am drugs"

In 1946, Salvador Dali created a short film with Walt Disney that didn’t see the light of day for 58 years

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The Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali in 1969.

Salvador Dali painted a portrait of Abraham Lincoln using 121 pixels.

A costume ball held in Venice, 1951, is considered the "party of the century." Hosted by an eccentric millionaire, a thousand guests attended, including Salvador Dali, Christian Dior, & Orson Wells. Many that weren't invited arrived by yacht and anchored offshore, hoping they would get in.

There are museums and galleries dedicated to Salvador Dali on Spain, U.S., Italy, Germany, and Belgium.

Salvador Dali and Walt Disney collaborated on a surreal cartoon concept, it wasn't completed until nearly 60 years later. Long after they'd both died.

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Salvador often offered to pay for the check at restaurants with large groups of friends. He would sign the check but then doodle on the back. He knew that the check would not be cashed because his doodle was more valuable.

In 1967, Salvador Dali received $10,000 and a baby elephant as payment for designing ashtrays for Air India

Salvador Dali designed the current Chupa Chups logo in 1969 after being approached by the company to make a new one.

Some images appear frequently in Dali's work including locusts, snails, ants, eggs, and melting clocks or watches.

Salvador Dali's recipe for Avocado Toast included three shots of tequila and a lamb's brain.

Salvadore Dali was known to avoid paying tabs at restaurants by drawing on the checks he wrote. His theory was the restaurant would never want to cash such a valuable piece of art

Salvador Dali met Elena Dmitrievna Diakonova in 1929. She divorced her writer husband and married Salvador in 1934. She managed much of his business affairs for many years.

Salvador Dali and his wife moved the U.S. during WW2 and his first exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in NYC took place in 1941.

Walt Disney had a strong friendship with Salvador Dali throughout his life; the two even collaborated on an animated film project in the 40s, titled "Destino," but it couldn't be completed at the time due to financial troubles and wasn't released until half a century later in 2003.

While attending the School of Fine Arts in Madrid Salvador Dali was suspended for criticizing his teachers and later expelled because he said that none of the teachers were competent enough to test him.

Salvadore Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo

Salvador Dali was infatuated with Hitler and often painted him.

Salvador Dali wrote and illustrated a surrealist cookbook and claimed he hated spinach "because it is shapeless, like Liberty"

A woman named Amanda Lear had affairs with both Salvador Dali and David Bowie. Despite her fame, she remains mysterious; her true age is unknown and national origin are unknown, and many claim she used to be a man.

Salvador Dali had a pet Ocelot named Babou

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