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The Vandals, a large East Germanic tribe originating from Poland and who, fleeing from the Huns, gradually migrated to Roman territories during the fifth century. They conquered Spain and most of Northern Africa and eventually sacked and looted Rome. The word "vandalism" is named after them.

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The Sack of Rome in 390 BC. After the Romans were routed and the city was all but destroyed, the Romans figured their only decision was to pay the invaders to leave. It worked.

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  1. The Swiss Guard, known now as the guys in the vibrant clown-like costumes that stand around the Vatican holding halberds, once stood against an army as it sacked Rome. 189 Guard stood against 20,000 invaders at the Vatican long enough for Pope Clement VII to escape the city.

  2. After the city of Rome was sacked in 410, the emperor Honorius was told that "Rome has perished", which he interpreted to mean that his prized chicken "Rome" had died. When told it was the city instead, he breathed "a sigh of relief."

  3. In ancient Rome if you were found guilty of killing your parents your execution would be "poena cullei" where you'd be sewn up in a leather sack with a serpent, a cock, a monkey and a dog, and thrown in a river to all drown together

  4. The Visigothic sack of Rome in 410 caused the city's population to fall by about 300,000 people

  5. Honorius, (the emperor of Rome when the city of Rome was sacked) was told by a messenger that the city of Rome had perished. Honorius was horrified until he realized the messenger meant the city and not his chicken that had the same name "Rome".

  6. In 452, Pope Leo successfully convinced Attila the Hun not to sack Rome. The Hun was reportedly so impressed with him that he agreed to withdraw his tremendous army, and it’s still not known what Leo told Attila.

  7. The term "vandal" comes from the name of a barbarian Germanic tribe that sacked Rome in A.D. 455

  8. The modern term vandalism stems from the Vandals' (an East Germanic tribe) reputation as the barbarian people who sacked and looted Rome in AD 455.

  9. The term "vandalism" stems from an ancient Germanic peoples that, along with the Goths, sacked the City of Rome in 455 AD

  10. Sasanian Emperor Yazdegerd saw the Goth invasions, Maximus's revolution, Antioch revolution, fall of Gaul, massacres at Thessalonika, rebellion of Arbogastes, and the sack of Rome in 410, but chose not to invade the Romans. Instead he adopted a Emperor Theodosius and raised him like a son.

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In the 1527 Sack of Rome, the Pope's Swiss Guard was massacred while defending his retreat to safety

Stand of the Swiss Guard' took place during the sacking of Rome(1527). After the Pope ordered the people to take up arms only 500 obeyed, so 189 Swiss made a stand at St.Peter's to ensure the Pope's escape. Almost annihilated, the remaining 40 at the Basilica steps delayed the army long enough. - source

The visigoth chief who sacked Rome in 400 AD was previously employed by the Roman Army - source

The Vandals, a Germanic people famous for sacking Rome, migrated to Africa and established a kingdom around the ancient city of Carthage.

Pope Clement VII had grown a full beard in mourning of the Sack Of Rome during his 9 month imprisonment, despite the Catholic Canon Law. This then started a fashion trend with succeeding Popes. This trend had lasted well over a century, lasting 24 popes, ending with Innocent XII. - source

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Due to poor mismanagement of the Gothic refugee crisis by the Romans in 376 AD led to the assassination of a Roman Emperor, the sack of Rome, and eventual fall of the Roman Empire several years later

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The word "Vandal" comes from the name of the Germanic tribe who sacked Rome in 455AD

Vandalism" originates from the Vandal's, who sacked and looted Rome in 455 AD.

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