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Serial killer John Wayne Gacy (killing at least 33 young men) was very active in local community activities. As a result of his contributions, he met and was photographed with then-First Lady Rosalynn Carter and given special security clearance by the secret service.

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John Wayne Gacy met and took a photo with First Lady Rosalynn Carter with the secret service's approval

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  1. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy met First Lady Rosalynn Carter in 1978. The picture of them together shows him wearing a pin that meant Secret Service gave him special clearance.

  2. After leaving Washington in 1981, Rosalynn became very active in promoting her husband's nonprofit organization, the Carter Center.

  3. One of the few controversial moments that Rosalynn was involved in was when she was photographed with Illinois serial killer John Wayne Gacy in 1975 at a Illinois Democrat Party gathering.

  4. She was an ardent supporter of women's right and an advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment.

  5. Rosalynn Carter is the oldest living former First Lady and the sixth longest living in history. She and Jimmy still live in their hometown of Plain, Georgia: Rosalynn is ninety-two and Jimmy is ninety-five.

  6. Her memoir, First Lady from Plains, was published in 1984.

  7. In 1946 Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith, a girl he had known since he was a child. They had three sons John William, James Earl Carter III, and Donnel Jeffrey, and a daughter named Amy.

  8. While the first lady of Georgia and later as the first lady of the United States, one of Rosalynn's primary issues was the battle against mental illness.

  9. Rosalynn helped run the family's peanut farm after Jimmy left the Navy in the early 1950s. When Jimmy later entered national politics he was often referred to as the "peanut farmer from Georgia."

  10. Rosalynn was the first First Lady to keep an office in the White House.

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She was the First Lady of Georgia when her husband was governor of that state from 1971 to 1975.

Rosalynn and Jimmy's youngest child, Amy, lived with them in the White House. She was only nine years old when she moved in, being the only child to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Junior. Amy is remembered her Siamese cat, Misty Malarky Ying Yang.

Although a lifelong Democrat at a time when the Democratic Party stood for segregation in the South, Carter never espoused any anti-black rhetoric. She supported her daughter's black nanny, Mary Prince, who was convicted of murder but later determined to have been innocent.

John Wayne Gacy was issued a special S Pin by the Secret Service after vetting him and then shook the hand of First Lady Eleanor Rosalynn Carter (As seen in the bottom two pictures, one color).

In recent years, Rosalynn and Jimmy have been active with Habitat for Humanity, speaking on behalf of the organization.

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To ensure personal letters to the U.S. President and family are unopened by White House staff, all close friends are given a sequence of numbers to write on the outside of the envelope. The code changes with each president. Jimmy Carter used an old phone number of his wife, Rosalynn.

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