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The "Sisyphus Train," a project currently underway in Nevada meant to recover surplus grid power that can't be stored very easily. During the day, the excess power is used to drive the train up a hill. At night, the train rolls back down, generating it all back again.

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A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill, or anti-gravity hill, is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces an optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope. Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill against gravity.

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  1. Fort Moore, a major US Military fort in Los Angeles during the Mexican-American war, was abandoned one year after the war ended. It later became the site of the city's first beer garden where "local inhabitants of Los Angeles would climb the hill sober and roll down drunk."

  2. The landscape of Voyageurs National Park includes small and large lakes, islands, swamps, bogs, ponds, forest, rolling hills, rugged cliffs and rock formations.

  3. Rhode Island's landscape was flat with rolling hills and lots of coastline, about 400 miles of coastline in total. Rhode Island is approximately 48 miles in length and 37 miles wide. It is the smallest U.S. state today.

  4. Musician Mike Edwards, who was an original member of the band ELO (he played cello), was killed when a cylindrical bale of hay rolled down a hill and crashed into the van he was driving.

  5. There is a road in New Jersey where you put your vehicle in neutral at the bottom of a gravity hill and appears to defy gravity as it roll up the hill. Local legends say a ghost pushes the cars up a hill as does a murdered husband who was hung by a tree atop the hill by his abused wife.

  6. In 1964 Zambia tried to form a space program to send a team of "Afronauts" and 2 cats to Mars. Training included being put in a steel drum and rolled down a small hill to simulate G-forces and swinging on a rope to simulate a zero gravity environment.

  7. In the Cotswolds, UK, they have an annual cheese rolling competition where a 7lb wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill and people try to catch it... The winner keeps the cheese!

  8. There is an annual cheese-rolling event near Gloucester, England, in which people chase a ~9lb wheel of cheese down a steep hill. The cheese can reach speeds of 70mph, and many people are injured every year.

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Mike Edwards, one of the founders of the band Electric Light Orchestra, was killed when a cylindrical bale of hay that rolled down a hill crashed into his van. - source

Cooper's Hill Cheese Roll, an event which takes place every May in Gloucestershire, England. Competitors will attempt to catch a large wheel of cheese which is rolled down an incredibly steep hill. There are casualties most years, and the grand prize you ask? You get to keep the cheese...

When she rolled me down that hill?

If you've ever wanted to watch HUNDREDS OF MEN/WOMEN run down a hill while chasing a wheel of cheese, then Cooper Hill Cheese Roll is the place to be. The exact origin of the cheese rolling isn't known, but is believed to have started in the early 1800s.

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A number of hills that due to an optical illusion makes it look like water flows uphill or a car left out of gear would roll uphill.

Mike Edwards, founding member and cellist for the band ELO, was killed by a hay bale rolling down a hill. It hit the van he was in and killed him.

In Lake Wales, Florida there is an attraction known as Spook Hill. If you put your car in neutral at the "bottom" of the hill you will start rolling "up" the hill.

At the height of the space race, Zambia once hoped to put a girl and her cats on Mars using a system "derived from a catapult." Training included rolling down a hill in an oil drum and swinging from a long rope.

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In 1996, seven people drowned at the same lake Susan Smith murdered her two children when they arrived to visit the site and their Suburban, which was in Park on a hill facing the memorial, rolled down the incline into the lake.

About Cheese Rolling. Every year, during Spring, the South West England Gloucester region hosts the annual cheese-rolling event where people from far and wide travel to watch competitors launch themselves down a hill in pursuit of a round of cheese.

The "city" of Rolling Hills, CA. A suburb of Los Angeles, the entire city is comprised of one single gated community.

In 2010, Mike Edwards, founding member and cellist for the band ELO, died when a large, round bale of hay rolled down a hill and smashed his van while he was out driving.

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A legend at University of California-Berkeley, where if you roll down a hill called "4.0 Hill", your grades will improve

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