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80% of American toys are made in China's Pearl River Delta, employing 3 million people in 8,000 factories

The impact on the environment, public health, and on the economy due to the shrinking of the Aral Sea has included destroyed ecosystems, toxic chemical plains, toxic dust, lack of water, health issues, lost incomes due to the loss of the fishing industry and trapping industry, hotter summers and colder winters, and destroyed river deltas.

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  1. It is estimated that there are more than 5000 species of animals, birds, and plants in the Danube's delta.

  2. The Orinoco River flows in a giant arc through rainforests, flooded forests, grasslands, and a delta from where it begins in Venezuela's Sierra Parima Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Ancient Egyptians chose to live near the Nile River, because it rarely rains in Egypt and the water was necessary for survival. Approximately half of Egypt's population lives in the Nile Delta region today.

  4. The Amazon River is responsible for one quarter of the fresh water that flows into the oceans worldwide. The amount of fresh water that flows into the Atlantic Ocean from the Amazon changes the water's color and salt content for approximately 320 km from the river's delta.

  5. The Colorado River's delta is mostly dry, thanks to heavy use of water upstream. It's now mostly been consumed by the Sonora Desert.

  6. Tourism along the Danube River is diverse with natural places of interest including the Wachau Valley, Hungary's Gemenc, Germany's Nationalpark Donau-Auen, Croatia's, Kopački rit, Romania and Serbia's Iron Gate, Romania's Danube Delta, and Bulgaria's Srebarna Nature Reserve.

  7. The Pearl River Delta, a massive built-up area in southern China, is essentially a city as large as West Virginia with over 70 million inhabitants--almost twice the population of California.

  8. The Niger River delta is home to the African Lion. The West African manatee, a creature near extinction lives in the Niger River.

  9. The Yangtze River Delta, which includes Shanghai among other big cities, has a land area about equal to Kentucky's, but with 115 million inhabitants.

  10. The Spanish flu spread to every part of the planet except for one isolated island, Marajó, which is located in the middle of Brazil's Amazon River Delta.

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The World Bank now considers the Pearl River Delta as the most populated urban area in the world, with 42 million people

China plans to merge 9 cities in the Pearl River Delta to create a megacity with a population of 66 million people ! - source

Despite being an inland city, Sacramento has a thriving port, accessible via the San Joaquin Delta River and Sacramento River.

There is a large river delta in Botswana that has no outflow. Formed in a seismic depression and surrounded by land, the delta extends over 100km from the river mouth.

The Mississippi Delta is not a delta, and is located 300 miles north of the actual Mississippi River Delta. - source

Most artificial Christmas trees are produced in the Pearl River Delta area in China. In 2011, over 79 million dollars worth of artificial Christmas trees were exported to USA - source

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