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While on the run, Richard McNair, was staying at a motel and upon returning to his room he saw a SWAT team surrounding the building and decided to drive off, but later found out that the SWAT team was responding to a hostage situation, so he drove back and recorded the standoff with a camera.

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Murderer Richard McNair mailed himself out of prison, convinced a police officer he wasn't the fugitive they were looking for, and lived in Canada for over a year while running a blog on himself

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  1. Convicted murderer Richard McNair successfully escaped prison, while running, he was stopped by police looking for him and talked himself out of it. The incident is recorded on dashcam.

  2. Richard Lee McNair, a man who escaped from prison three times once escaped by mailing himself out of prison in a crate.

  3. Richard Lee McNair escaped from prison 3 times, first using lip balm to squeeze out of a pair of handcuffs, then by crawling through a ventilation duct and finally by mailing himself out of prison in a crate.

  4. In 2006 a man by the name of Richard Lee McNair escaped prison and successfully convinced a cop that he was just out jogging.

  5. Richard McNair, an inmate at ADX Florence, once escaped another prsion by mailing himself out in a crate. He was not captured for almost 20 days.

  6. Richard McNair escaped from the Ward County Jail in Minot, ND in 1987 by using lip balm to slip out of handcuffs, from the ND State Penitentiary in Bismarck in 1992 by crawling through a ventilator duct, and from USP Pollock in Louisiana in 2006 by mailing himself out of prison in a crate.

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Richard McNair, a professional escape artist who has gotten out of 3 prisons by using such methods as; using Chapstick on his handcuffs, escaping through a vent duct and lastly, mailing himself out. - source

Convicted murderer Richard McNair escaped from prison on three separate occasions. The third time, in 2006, he packaged himself in a crate and mailed himself out of prison.

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