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In 1962, Mike Wallace's oldest son Peter went missing while exploring in Greece. Wallace flew to Greece alone, asked question, followed his son's last know locations and found his body at the bottom of a hill where he fell while hiking.

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Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen who took a 1000-mile dogsled trip across Greenland, starred in an Oscar-winning film, amputated his own toes, escaped a Nazi death sentence, cut his way out of a blizzard shelter with a knife made from his frozen feces, and won The $64,000 Question game show.

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  1. Artic Explorer Peter Freuchen was caught in a terrible blizzard and buried under a thick layer of snow and ice. When he couldn't claw his way out, Freuchen whittled his own frozen feces into a knife and used it to chisel his way through.

  2. The legless Artic Explorer Peter Freuchen, who was a member of the Danish resistance during WW2, openly claimed to be Jewish whenever he witnessed anti-semitism, he was imprisoned by the Germans for this reason and was sentenced to death but he managed to escape and flee to Sweden.

  3. Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen starred in an Oscar winning film, escaped a Nazi Death Camp, won $64,000 on a game show and escaped blizzard shelter with a chisel made from frozen excrement

  4. Peter Freuchen was an Arctic Explorer who, after getting trapped by an avalanche used his feces to fashion a dagger to free himself.

  5. Lorenc Peter Elfred Freuchen was a 6’7” tall walrus-spearing, peg-legged, anti-Semite-clobbering Danish explorer and badass old-school 1900s explorer who escaped certain death by molding his own faeces into a knife and using it to carve through a solid wall of ice.

  6. In his last letter to his wife, famous Antarctic explorer, Captain Scott urged his wife to get his son interested in wildlife. In 1946 his son Peter founded the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust, and is now a world leading conservation society.

  7. In 1926, Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen was trapped under an avalanche while on an expedition. He escaped from death by fashioning a shiv out of his own feces and amputating his foot.

  8. Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen once got frozen into a snowbank during a snowstorm, fashioned a chisel out of his own feces, and carved his way out.

  9. Peter Freuchen. A Danish explorer, author, journalist and anthropologist, who at one point he got stuck under a blizzard, and used his own feces to fashion a dagger with which he free himself.

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Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen formed a chisel out of his own frozen feces to free himself from an avalanche.

Peter Weller, the original actor of Robocop, is also an accomplished historian. He has a PhD in Italian Art Renaissance History, and has appeared on TV shows such as “Engineering an Empire” in which the engineering feats and history of classic empires are explored. - source

Peter Freuchen was a Danish explorer who was one of the most badass people in history. Besides escaping the third Reich he had some incredible explorer stories. In 1926 he got trapped under snow and ice while trying to take shelter. He then made a chisel out of his poop and used it to break out.

Peter Freuchen, a Danish explorer, author, journalist and anthropologist, all in all captivating person. - source

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About Danish explorer, Peter Freuchen who was once caught in a blizzard and ended up trapped in a snow cave. To escape, he molded HIS OWN FECES into the shape of a knife, waited for it to freeze, then used said shit-knife to chisel his way out of the cave and survive.

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Peter Freuchen Arctic explorer, Nazi fighter and the person deemed as "the most interesting man in the world" once saved himself from being buried alive in snow and ice by fashioning a shiv out of his own feces.

In 1926, Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen was trapped under an avalanche while on an expedition. He escaped from death by fashioning a shiv out of his own feces and amputating his foot.

Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen who fashioned a chisel from his frozen turd to dig himself out of a snowdrift before removing his frostbitten toes with pincers

In 1926, Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen was trapped under an avalanche while on an expedition. He escaped from death by fashioning a dagger out of his own feces and amputating is foot.

Mine Boy', a 1946 novel by South African novelist Peter Abrahams, was the first African novel written in English to attract international attention. It explores the stereotypes and institutions that discriminate against working-class black Africans

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Peter Freuchen, Danish native explorer, dug himself out of a icy death in Greenland using his own frozen faeces.

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