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A man without arms holds the archery record for the farthest accurate distance category.

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The Apollo 13 flight, which launched 49 years ago, still holds the spaceflight record marking the farthest humans have ever traveled from Earth.

What is the world record for the farthest paper airplane flight?

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  1. The record for the farthest distance cycled in a year is 75,065 miles and was set in 1939.

  2. In 1984 an engineer named Alan Adler invented a flying disc that sold 1.4 million units in two years and broke the Guinness World Record for the farthest throw. 20 years later he invented a coffee maker that has sold over 1 million units and went on to inspire international coffee competitions.

  3. While breaking the world record for the farthest distance traveled via forward rolls, Ashrita Furman, the man with the most Guinness World Records, was only allowed to stop to vomit.

  4. Dean Karnazes set the world record for farthest run without stopping, at 350 miles over three days

  5. Jens Scherer holds the Guinness World Record for the farthest distance covered on a water slide in 24 hours, 94.5 miles. Jens racked up an impressive 427 rides on a 1169.6 foot-long slide, this averages to a ride every 3 min 22 sec for the duration of the attempt.

  6. The current world record for farthest card thrown is held by Rick Smith, Jr. who threw a card 65.96 meters

  7. The crew of Apollo 13 hold the record for the farthest distance from Earth reached by humans

  8. The farthest ever recorded sniper kill was shot 2,475 meters(1.54 miles) away by British CoH Craig Harrison. The bullet traveled for over 6 seconds to reach its target and fell roughly 400 feet.

  9. There's a new Guinness World Record for farthest flight by a real life hoverboard

  10. World record holder Suresh Joachim holds the world records for the farthest distance moon walked in 24 hours (49.252 km), longest escalator ride (225 km), and longest continual crawl (56.62 km)

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The farthest a human has ran in 48 Hours (recorded) is 473.495Km (294~ Miles). Damn.

Catalin Alexandru Duru set a world record for farthest flight by a hoverboard he build himself: 275.9 m (Article + Video) - source

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