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A guy made $1,000,000 by selling each pixel on a 1000 x 1000 pixel web page for $1 a pixel. The Million Dollar Homepage was created in 2005 to raise money for his university fees. The inventor went on to create a company today valued at $250m.

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When the Cards Against Humanity team kept all of the money they raised by selling nothing (literally) for 5 Dollars on Black Friday, they split the $71,145 and one employee bought a 24 karat gold vibrator for over $3,000.

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  1. A 10 year old boy in China spent 2 years collecting 160,000 plastic bottles, raising $2,700. He donated all this money, and his own savings of $30, to orphans of AIDS victims.

  2. During the Irish Famine the Choctaw Nation, who were going through poverty and starvation themselves, donated as much money as they could raise in solidarity with the Irish. The 'Kindred Spirits' sculpture commemorates this event

  3. A man named KurtJMac has been walking to the edge of the world in Minecraft since 2011 to raise money for charity. Since he began over 8 years ago, he's helped raise over $400,000. He is about 25% of the way there.

  4. John DeLorean was arrested by the FBI for conspiring to smuggle $24M worth of cocaine into the US while the DeLorean Motor Co was failing to raise money to survive. Claiming he was coerced into participation in the deal by FBI agents who approached him as legitimate investors, he was acquitted

  5. In a report from 2013, most of the funds raised by the NFL don't fund cancer research. In the end, after everybody has taken their cut, only 8.01% of money spent on pink NFL merchandise is actually going towards cancer research.

  6. A UK man became paralyzed after a cycling accident and spent 4 years raising £22,000 to pay for pioneering treatment that might help him walk again. However, upon hearing about a disabled boy needing surgery (that stood a better chance of success), he donated all the money to him instead.

  7. A Catholic Priest in Brazil tried to raise money for charity by taking to the sky strapped to a chair and 1,000 helium balloons, got to 20,000 feet and then realized he didn't know how to use his GPS, went missing, and two months later was found dead 100km out to sea.

  8. Stephen King has made large charitable donations without announcing them because he was "raised firmly to believe that if you give away money and you make a big deal of it so that everybody sees it, that's hubris. (...) you're not supposed to make a big deal about it."

  9. The 'Live aid' concert in 1985 was trying to raise money for a famine in Ethiopia. However the money ended up funding Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam and his genocide regime. The money he received went to "buy sophisticated weapons from the Russians" used to crush his opposition.

  10. Art Bell set a Guinness World Record by staying on the air for 116 hours and 15 minutes. Using the money raised on air, Bell chartered a plane to fly to Vietnam and rescue 130 stranded Vietnamese orphans, who were eventually brought to the United States and adopted by American families.

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Money raised for a wall by Trump supporters vs. approx. cost of the wall

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When the space station Skylab fell to Earth in 1979, it landed in Esperance, Western Australia. The Shire of Esperance fined NASA $400 for littering, which went unpaid for 30 years until a radio host raised the money and paid it on behalf of NASA.

The inspiration for "Nacho Libre" was Fray Tormenta, a Mexican priest who turned to wrestling to raise money for an orphanage, but he himself got the idea and name from a 1963 film...about a priest who turns to wrestling to raise money for an orphanage. - source

The famously anti-gay Harlem preacher Pastor Manning, who's known for vitriolic anti-LGBT hate speech, is in massive debt. An organization that provides shelter for homeless LGBT youth is raising money to buy the building his church is housed in to open an additional shelter at that location. - source

Stephen King has made large charitable donations without announcing them because he was "raised firmly to believe that if you give away money and you make a big deal of it so that everybody sees it, that's hubris. ... you're not supposed to make a big deal about it"

The world record for the largest number ever counted to belongs to Jeremy Harper. He streamed the entire process online , and raised money for charity. He reached 1,000,000. It took him 3 months. - source

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Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Kunal Nayyar (Raj) and Simon Helberg (Howard) each took a $100,000-per-episode pay cut from the $1 million that each had been earning in order to free up additional money for Bialik (Amy) and Rauch’s (Bernadette) raises

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The homeless person, Kenni Nickel, from the viral video "How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?" is dead. The youtuber behind the video, "Josh Paler Lin", raised close to $150k on "", stating it was for Nickel, before he died. According to Nickel's family he never received the money.

The creator of the Operation board game never received royalties for the game and was not able to afford his own surgery until friends and fans raised money for him online.

Alexandra Scott who started a lemonade stand to raise money for children with cancer. Before passing away at the age 8 she successfully raised over $1 million towards cancer research. Her foundation sponsors a national fundraising weekend every June called Lemonade Days.

Comedian Daniel Tosh auctioned props from his show, Tosh.O, to raise funds for a fellow comedian Andy Ritchie with a brain tumor, raising $25,000.Tosh then placed a double-or-nothing bet on a Patriots football game and won, ultimately doubling the money he raised for Andy.

In 2014 Namibia raised over $350k by auctioning off the right to hunt one endangered black rhino. The rhino was past breeding age and detrimental to the rest of the herd. The money was used to protect endangered animals.

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A woman accidentally dropped her engagement ring into a homeless man's change cup. The man, Billy Ray Harris, returned the ring to the woman. A fund was started by the woman and her husband to raise money for Harris. Three months later they had raised over $190,000.

2 years ago mma instructer Shihan Grant fought 100 people in a row for almost 6 hours to raise money for a local hospital.

In 2005, the Tri-Cities government decided to start their own internet service. Comcast and SBC fought back with "push polls" asking residents "Should tax money be allowed to provide pornographic movies for residents?" They defeated the referendum and Comcast raised cable rates over 30 percent.

After a man shot 10 Amish girls then himself at their school, the Amish community raised money for the shooter's family and attended his funeral

In 2005, women from one of the poorest slums in Uganda spent two weeks breaking rocks to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The women, most of whom were displaced by civil war and who earned less than a dollar a day, contributed over $1,000 to the Katrina relief effort.

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It was Freddie Mercury's dying wish for "Bohemian Rhapsody" to be reissued in order to raise money for AIDS charities. When the song was rereleased in late 1991, it topped the charts, staying at #1 for five weeks for the first time since its debut in 1975.

The domain name ".tv" is the domain representing the country of Tuvalu. In 1998, Tuvalu signed a contract for the exclusive marketing rights for the domain name, allowing it to finally raise enough money to join the United Nations.

The charity organization "Fuck for Forest" runs the only porn site specifically created to raise money for a cause (in FFFs case: fighting deforestation)

In 1986, the United Way released 1.5 million balloons into the Cleveland sky to raise money for charity. The balloons were so thick that Coast Guard helicopters couldn't reach an overtuned boat, resulting in the death of two fishermen.

Orestes Lorenzo, a Cuban fighter pilot who defected to the US. He flew to Florida in a MiG-23 and requested his family join him, when his family were banned from leaving Cuba he raised money to buy a plane. He then flew back to Cuba, landed on a highway an bought his family back himself.

A man who became paralysed after a motorcycle accident gave money raised for an operation that could allow him to be able to walk again to a young boy who suffered from Cerebral Palsy so the boy could take his first steps.

Terry Fox, a 21 year old one-legged cancer patient ran a full marathon across Canada every day for 143 days to raise money for cancer research. Sadly,he lost his battle with cancer 10 months later.

In 1867 after Union soldiers set fire to Columbia, SC, the New York Fire Dep. raised money for a hose carriage; Colombia promised to return the favor whenever New York needed it. Shortly after 9/11, Colombia Fire Dep. followed up and raised money for a new fire truck for the NYPD.

In the 1980 US presidential election neither Jimmy Carter nor Ronald Reagan were allowed to privately raise funds, as they could only spend the money that was allocated to them under federal election law

A mexican priest became a Lucha Libre wrestler named Fray Tormenta in order to raise money to support the orphanage he founded. When he retired, one of the children from the orphanage took up his mantle so that the legend of Fray Tormenta can live on.

In 1873 a man defrauded the residents of Alta, Utah out of $2,500 by claiming to be able to raise the dead. They paid him the money NOT to raise anybody. The story was later adapted into "The Twilight Zone" episode "Mr. Garrity and the graves."

George Miller raised the money to make Mad Max by working as an ER doctor

William Shatner sold his kidney stone for $25,000 to raise money for a housing charity

After not raising enough to fund the project, the Beatles' George Harrison put in 3 million of his own money to fund Monty Python's Life Of Brian, basically because he wanted to see the movie. It was later described by Terry Jones as the "world's most expensive cinema ticket" .

A "get out of jail free card" was a real thing in 1567 England; a lottery to raise money for the navy promised winners "freedom from arrest" for all but the most serious crimes.

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