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Puyi, the last Emperor of China, spent his last years as a commoner in Beijing under the communist regime. On his first day of work as a street sweeper, he was lost and told passersby, "I'm Puyi, the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty. I'm staying with relatives and can't find my way home."

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The last emperor of china, Puyi, became emperor at 2 then, shortly after, china became a republic. Puyi like many other Chinese emperors stayed separated from the rest of China in the forbidden city. No one told Puyi he was no longer emperor until his mid teenage years.

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  1. China's Monarchy was briefly restored for several days in 1917 when a general's army seized Beijing and briefly reinstalled the last emperor of the Qing dynasty, Puyi, to the throne

  2. Chinese Emperor Puyi had a selection of photographs of young women for him to choose from for a bride. When it was revealed the girl he picked was 12 years old, his family suggested another woman around his age, and he decided to marry both

  3. About Puyi, the last emperor of China. He joined the Japanese after they invaded Manchuria, becoming the ruler of the puppet state of Manchuria. After WW2, he served 10 years in prison as a war criminal, and eventually became a gardener for the palace that he had once lived in.

  4. Sun Yaoting who in 1911 had his father cut off his genitals so that he could serve the Emperor of China as a eunuch. Unfortunately, towards the end of his two month recovery, Emperor Puyi abdicated the throne.

  5. In 1960s, Puyi, the last emperor of China (Qing dynasty) was charged for entrance ticket of Forbidden City.

  6. The last Emperor of China became the ruler when he was only three years old. His name was Puyi.

  7. There is a video recording of China's last Emperor giving testimony where he spoke Standard Mandarin. Puyi was the only Chinese Emperor to be filmed

  8. During the coronation of China's new Emperor Puyi in 1908, the crowned toddler screamed and resisted as officials ordered eunuch attendants to pick him up. The little Emperor was so frightened at the ceremony that his father comforted him, "Don't cry, it'll be over soon." The empire fell in 1911

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