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Puerto Rico is solving its iguana problem by putting the meat on menus (and they call it the chicken of the trees!)

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Puerto Rico is 75.8% White, higher than the mainland USA

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  1. It is illegal to smoke in cars with children in Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Maine, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah and Vermont. The minimum age of the child varies according to the state.

  2. The Whopper Jr was created by accident in 1963 by the manager of the first Burger King restaurant in Puerto Rico. The molds for the standard Whopper buns didn't arrive so he used a much smaller local bun. The result was such a success that BK adopted it worldwide and called it the Whopper Jr.

  3. Puerto Rico ("rich port") was the capitol of the island of San Juan until a mapmaker accidentally switched the names in 1521, and the mistake was never corrected.

  4. There's an island called Monkey Island off the coast of Puerto Rico, where the monkeys naturally have Herpes B, which can kill humans. So the first rule of Monkey Island is "don't get peed on".

  5. In 1952-'54, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico had snow delivered by plane to the city so that the children who had never seen or played in snow, would be able to do so

  6. In Puerto Rico, about two people die, and 25 more are injured due to falling bullets from celebratory gunfire on New Years Eve.

  7. A sterilization program in Puerto Rico sterilized one third of Puerto Rican women by 1968.

  8. The island of Puerto Rico was originally named "San Juan Bautista" and the capital city was called "Puerto Rico". Eventually traders and visitors came to refer to the entire island as Puerto Rico, while San Juan became the name used for the main port and the capital city.

  9. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam are independently participating in the Olympic games even though they are US territories and the athletes are US Citizens.

  10. Puerto Rico is the tip of an enormous ancient mountain that descends more than 30,000 feet to the floor of the Caribbean Sea, taller even than Mount Everest

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Countries And U.S. States Less Populated Than Puerto Rico

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Interactive Map of Crime in Puerto Rico from 2012-2018.

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When Roberto Clemente died in a plane crash off the coast of Puerto Rico, catcher Manny Sanguillen was the only Pirates teammate not to attend his funeral. Instead, he dove into the ocean where the plane crashed in a futile attempt to find Clemente's body.

Homeland Security convinced a man to fly to Puerto Rico to try and dig up $1M worth of cocaine that he'd heard was buried there. After he was unsuccessful (twice) they just dug it up themselves and arrested him when they tried to give it to him. - source

1 in 1,600 people in Puerto Rico is affected by albinism. While it is usually 1 in 500,000. - source

The Puerto Rican flag is red, white and blue. There are five horizontal red and white alternating stripes (three red and two white). A blue triangle (isosceles triangle) on the left pointing to the right, with a white, 5-point star in its center.

After discovering Florida Juan Ponce de Leon returned to Puerto Rico, where he ended a rebellion by the Natives.

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Dr Cornelius Rhoads, the doctor that wanted to exterminate the Puerto Rico race. He went as far as making his patients sick and even referred to Puertoricans as experimental cattle. He didn’t face any repercussions for his actions and was even appointed the rank of Colonel in the Army.

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The depth of the biosphere is also difficult to pinpoint as there are fish known to be living as deep as 8,372 meters in the Puerto Rico Trench.

Juan Ponce de Leon set sail again to return to Puerto Rico. He then began to search again for the island Bimini where he believed he would find the fountain of youth.

Industry in Puerto Rico includes tourism, food products, apparel, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

The US holds the most titles of Ms. Universe, followed by Venezuela and Puerto Rico

Agriculture in Puerto Rico includes sugarcane, coffee, pineapples, plantains, bananas, and livestock such as chickens.

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Ecological survey of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria based on Chlorophyll Health

puerto rico fact infographic about Hurricane Irma's precipitation and USGS streamflow for Puert

Hurricane Irma's precipitation and USGS streamflow for Puerto Rico

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Although Puerto Rican resident are citizens of the United States they do not vote in United States Presidential elections.

Iguanas now outnumber humans on Puerto Rico even though they are not native to the island. They were originally brought there in the 1970's as pets but now are a serious pest.

In 1950, Puerto Rican extremists who wanted Puerto Rico to be an independent nation attempted to assassinate President Truman.

The literacy rate in Puerto Rico (those who can read and write at age 15 and older) is 94.1%.

Residents of Puerto Rico are referred to as Puerto Ricans.

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The Rum Diary was about Hunter's experiences in Puerto Rico and wasn"t published until 1998. He had already been a famous writer for many years by then.

The world's largest telescope is located in Puerto Rico. It is 305 meters in diameter.

More than 4.3 million tourists visit the Dominican Republic each year, making it the most popular with tourists. Approximately 3.7 million visit Puerto Rico each year, and 2.7 million visit Cuba each year.

Highways in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are still called "interstate highways" even though they have no direct land connections to any other states

America Samoa is the only place in the United States where U.S. citizenship is not granted at birth. Anyone born in the 50 states, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands—automatically becomes a citizen, but not Am Samoa.

Thanks to widespread media scare, American Pit Bull Terrier is banned in 12 countries in Europe, as well in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada and many USA cities.

The natural hazards that occur in Puerto Rico include hurricanes and droughts.

Puerto Rico lost 10% of its highway funding in 1984 by not raising the drinking age to 21 in defiance of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act

Washington, D.C actually has a seat in the House of Representatives in the form of a single delegate, who can vote on procedural and committee issues but cannot participate in a floor vote. American territories like Guam and Puerto Rico have similar delegates with partial voting power.

Ho Chi Minh (communist leader of Vietnam during the Vietnam War) begged President Truman multiple times to "make Vietnam 'a protectorate of the United States, like Puerto Rico."'

On the island of Puerto Rico there are 16 bird species, 39 types of reptiles and 239 plant varieties that are found only in Puerto Rico.

The Spanish-American war, which later caused Spain to cede Puerto Rico to the USA, was largely influenced by conservatives William Randolph Hearst in order to sell papers

The climate in Puerto Rico is a tropical marine climate, being mild with little variation in temperature from season to season.

Juan Ponce de Leon is buried in San Juan, on the island of Puerto Rico.

As a result of the Spanish-American war the Treaty of Paris was signed. Cuba became independent of Spanish rule. The United States purchased the Philippines for $20 million. Puerto Rico and Guam were both ceded by the Spanish to the United States.

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