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Under a secret, Navy-funded project, WWII scientists actually tried to turn sharks into living remote-controlled suicide bombers.

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In 1984, a Caltech student evaded security and gained remote control access to the stadium scoreboard, which he changed during the Rose Bowl game. He had received approval from his professor for the prank, which earned him credit for the course "Experimental Projects in Electrical Circuits".

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  1. From 1980 to 1983 he worked at Poole's Image Computer Systems, LTD where he worked on the project on real-time remote procedure call and computer networking.

  2. During WW2, Wicca founder Gerald Gardner and his coven enacted a "cone of power" ritual in which they danced nude in a circle in the forest on Lammas eve and attempted to remotely project the sentence "You cannot cross the sea" into Hitler's mind.

  3. The CIA & US military spent $20mil on a program to use "remote viewers" as psychic spies for the US government. As recently as 1995, the military employed 3 full-time psychics with a $500k/year project budget

  4. As a part of Project MKUltra, The CIA successfully implanted electrical transmitters into the brains of 6 dogs; cause them to be 'remote-controlled'.

  5. In the 90's the CIA conducted research on 'Remote Viewing'/'Astral Projection' under Project 'Stargate.

  6. "Grill Flame," a 1979 CIA project using psychics to spy on hostages in Iran via Remote-Viewing.

  7. About Project Loon. They send balloons to the edge of the stratosphere that gives remote places access to the internet.

  8. The Serval Mesh project was created to solve the problem for people who live in remote areas or don't live near wireless towers so they can have access to wireless communications.

  9. The Gateway Project by the CIA. It involves remote viewing, the universe being a torus, spirit like Inhabitants living in different dimensions to ours and the nature of consciousness.

  10. The Stargate Project was established by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate claims of psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic application, such as remote viewing.

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Although it can't be proven, it is theorised that the word "drone" to mean "RC or autonomous flying vehicle" came from a 1931 RAF project. The Fairey line of aircraft included the "Queen Bee", a remote-controlled plane used for target practice, which pilots followed like bee drones (males)

In the 13m document declassified by CIA, there are 84k pages related to projects in Stanford and other University that scientifically prove the existence of people with abilities like the Remote Vision, where they can see places, in real time, very far from the observer. - source

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