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Philippines is a hotbed for theatrical death fraud that involves false corpses. The most common motives are financial, evasion of prison sentences, and romance. Prices vary depending on the sort of 'death kit' you need to fake your own death.

how bond prices vary with interest rates?

Online shopping prices vary based on your browser/device and Apple product owners often pay more.

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why do prices vary at mcdonalds?

  1. During the Gold Rush in California violence between White Settlers and The Native Population was so frequent that The State of California paid bounties of Indian Scalps with varying prices based on gender and age. It's estimated that 4,500 Natives were killed between 1849-1870.

  2. The Hershey chocolate bar was 5¢ from 1920 to 1969. Instead of changing prices, the company increased or decreased the size of the bar as ingredients' prices rose and fell. The Hershey bar still varies in size today, albeit at higher prices.

  3. Airline ticket & Car rental prices vary based on a location & a VPN can get you cheaper tickets.

  4. Spotify Premium pricing varies from country to country, ranging from $20-$2.

  5. You can buy a 10lb bag of crushed ice at Sonic (prices vary by location)

  6. Uber and other similar services vary the price of your trip depending on how much battery your phone has left

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Price of a can of Coke Varying in One Neighborhood

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