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William Henry Harrison, the 9th U.S. president, gave the longest presidential inauguration speech, in pouring rain, from which he contracted a cold that severely worsened, killing him and making him the shortest serving U.S. president.

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When the Super Bowl and the Presidential Inauguration conflicted, the President did the coin toss ceremony for the Super Bowl and had his public inauguration the next day.

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  1. The longest American Presidential Inauguration was William Henry Harrison; over 2 hours and 8000+ words. He died a month later of pneumonia.

  2. Medal of Honor recipients receive a standing invitation to all future presidential inaugurations and inaugural balls. Also, their children are eligible for admission to the United States military academies without regard to the nomination and quota requirements, provided they are qualified.

  3. That, when the 1889 Presidential Inauguration occured on a rainy day, the defeated incumbent president, Grover Cleveland, held the new president, Benjamin Harrison's, umbrella for him while he took the oath of office.

  4. Robert Frost was the first poet to read at a presidential inauguration when JFK asked him to recite a poem at his in 1961. Frost wrote a new poem for the occasion, but was incapable of reading it because of how bright it was outside. So, he recited "The Gift Outright" from memory instead.

  5. During the presidential inaugurations one cabinet member is put in a safe house so in case everyone at the inauguration dies we have someone to carry on our government.

  6. The day of Andrew Johnson's formal Vice Presidential inauguration Johnson got very drunk, was unable to swear in the new senators, and delivered a 'drunken foolish speech'.

  7. Ronald Reagan had 3.5 tons of jelly beans at his presidential inauguration.

  8. After a presidential election, the president elect is briefed on how to use the nuclear football codes then at the inauguration the military readies two cases one each for the outgoing and incoming presidents. The purpose is to immediately transfer power and deter any surprise attacks.

  9. During events such as the State of the Union and Presidential Inaugurations, a designated survivor is appointed in case of disaster.

  10. The Blueberry flavor of Jelly Belly was specifically created for Ronald Reagan's presidential inauguration in 1981 where over three tons of Jelly Belly beans were consumed during the festivities.

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Using Twitter Habits to Identify Presidential Sleep Deprivation - Changes in Twitter usage by President Trump since inauguration. Data show an increase of an hour on average betwee

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Charles Brotman served as the announcer for 15 presidential inaugurations between 1957 and 2013, welcoming 11 presidents arriving in their inaugural parades

Andrew Johnson, 17th U.S. President, was drunk for both his Vice Presidential Inauguration and his Presidential Inauguration. - source

A Dad Reacts to the United States Presidential Inauguration - source

Eisenhower declined Lyndon Johnson's invitation to his presidential inauguration over the phone even though he was physically able to as he just took a family holiday

A "Designated Survivor" is the person that becomes POTUS if everyone in the government dies. He/She is not allowed to attend major events like the State of The Union or Presidential Inauguration. Also has access to nuclear football. - source

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A designated survivor is kept in an undisclosed location during presidential inaugurations and State of the Union addresses. This ensures someone survives to lead in case the officials gathered together die.

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